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Real Life Madison Reed Review: The Color Bar

by November 06, 2019

Real Life Madison Reed Review: The Color Bar

Image by Madison Reed

We’ve done many blog posts over the years featuring our clients reviewing different shades of our Radiant Cream Color, but we didn’t have any reviews of our Madison Reed Color Bar...until now. Meet Laurie. Financial services professional, busy wife and mom, lover of running and hiking, and absolutely obsessed with covering her grays. Frustrated with spending too many Saturday afternoons going to traditional hair salons, but not quite ready to color her hair herself, Laurie decided to try the Color Bar, and—well, we’ll let her take it from there...


Madison Reed Color Bar Review Laurie's Story

I have been covering my gray for over 20 years. As the gray began taking over just after college, I was worried that it would age me and immediately started covering the gray. I initially found going to the salon to cover it a welcome treat. Over time, as professional and family activities evolved and the need to cover my gray increased in frequency, coloring rapidly became a chore. Most salons did not have evening hours and I found myself losing one Saturday a month to covering my gray. I also found that salons used different color products and there were differences between how various stylists approached color. When the colorist I had been using for three years moved last year, I knew it was time to try something new.
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One of my friends had started using Madison Reed at home and was thrilled with the quality of the color and the ease of use. Her hair looked fabulous, but I knew I was not up for taking on my own color. She told me about the Madison Reed Color Bar. When I looked at the Madison Reed website I was thrilled to see the Color Bar hours. Their weeknight hours would enable me to go after work or in a bind they were also open on Sundays. This gave me more flexibility and freed up my weekends without having to sacrifice having my hair look good.
While I was initially drawn to the Color Bar for the hours, after years of covering my gray I was excited to learn that Madison Reed’s color omitted many of the worst chemicals found in hair color. At the same time, I must admit I was a bit apprehensive that it would not cover my stubborn gray. During my first visit, I discussed my concern with the stylist. She spent time understanding my concerns and what I wanted from my color. In the end, she recommended Dosolo Brown. It not only covered my stubborn gray, but left my hair looking natural and feeling great. 
When I went to make my second appointment I realized that I was not able to select the stylist. This was something I hadn’t considered at first and was outside the experience I had over the years at a traditional salon. But I made the appointment and found that while I had a different stylist the approach was  consistent to my previous visit. The stylist had access to the information from my previous visit that immediately put me at ease. During the past six months or so since I’ve switched to the Color Bar, I have been impressed with the consistency of the experience. Once again, I find the experience of getting my gray covered a bit of a relaxing treat. And over time, I have found the color has blended well, leaving it with depth and looking natural.


Madison Reed Hair Color Bar Review: Why Laurie Loved it

I’m so happy I found Madison Reed. I love that I am able to have my hair look great without harsh chemicals or giving up my Saturdays.
Thank you for trying, loving, and reviewing the Color Bar, Laurie!
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