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Happily/Hair-ily Ever After with Kimberly Caldwell

by Kimberly Caldwell July 06, 2017

Kimberly Caldwell shows her Sicily Blonde Hair Color

Image by Madison Reed

Does happily ever after really exist when it comes to hair transformations? We checked in with our Chief Brand Ambassador Kimberly Caldwell to get her expert opinion.

But first, the Before:

kimberly caldwell before photo

I thought I had already found my good solid "After" when I grew out my hair from that porcupine thing I was rocking, threw away that iridescent eyeshadow, stopped over plucking my eyebrows, and cut gluten from my diet so my eyes didn't swell shut like in my 20s.

And here we have that After:

kimberly caldwell after photo

I was so clueless. As if! Thank you, Alicia Silverstone. You grow up, learn what works for you, see enough cringeworthy photos, and invest in some good ol’ moisturizer and think that should be enough. This is the best I can do and I have to keep up this routine or I will fall apart. It was almost impossible to maintain that Marilyn Monroe mane but I didn't know any other way. I never imagined that I could do or feel any better than in 2016, especially after having my daughter. This is the best I will ever get.

That was until I was introduced to Madison Reed. After making the leap to step out of my box and hop over to the healthier-looking do-it-yourself side, I fell hard for Radiant Cream Color in Sicily Blonde, which happens to be only one or two shades lighter than my natural hair color.

Ahhh, the way After:

kimberly caldwell way after photo

For the first time my hair felt and looked luxurious, shiny and natural–and far from boring! Seriously glamorous! I discovered a newfound love for myself. I have never had confidence like this or felt so sophisticated and classy in my 35 years on this earth. This change was a must! I didn't realize all the time and energy I was wasting by coloring my hair every three weeks when my dark roots started sneaking in. I could barely keep up. I realized how desperately I needed that pick-me-up, and I needed a break.

Now I take deeper breaths knowing I don't have to cram in a four hour salon session in between my little girl’s art class and gymnastics. The last time I colored my hair was literally eight weeks ago because it blends so seamlessly with my natural outgrowth. I have never been able to go that long in between colors since I started coloring my hair in my teens!

One of the best decisions I have ever made was learning how to own my beauty by taking a chance on something different. Not only something different, but something that I can feel good about. As a mom, I spend a lot of time making sure my almost two-year-old daughter looks perfect and is happy, but sometimes I forget about myself. I feed her organic food and make sure the products I use are the healthiest option for her. Why was I not making these same smart choices for myself? If I want to be around to watch her make all her bad decisions, like sporting a Mohawk or wearing blue lipstick, then I need to take care of myself too. Let's be honest–I hope I'm rocking the blue lipstick with her. Cheers to Madison Reed for helping me find my happy place. I think I found a solid "After" I can feel good about. I'd like to have a moment of silence for my Rainbow Brite extensions from 2003 that will forever be remembered with a grin and a shake of my head.

kimberly caldwell

We all have room for growth so don't settle until you feel good about that after pic! You got this.

Cheers to good hair days,