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Lisa R. Looks Vivacious in Veneto Light Brown

by Shirley Chan August 10, 2015

Lisa R. Looks Vivacious in Veneto Light Brown

Image by Madison Reed

After a trip to the salon left her hair over-processed and fried, Lisa R. came to Madison Reed for hair color. Read how she gained rich, flattering color and control over how she looked.

"I just want to thank you for a great product! I had a bad experience at a salon that took my heavy partially highlighted hair that was dark underneath and totally bleached it out and turned it white and orange. 

To fix it, they put a 9N dye on top. The before pics on the left are a glimpse of what I got as a result....50 shades of over processed blonde hair.

I hated it but didn't trust the salon enough to go back. I found Madison Reed and, after consultation chats with Tana and Natasha, I was ready to fix my hair with Veneto Brown and some neutral protein filler.

I loved that I didn't just get hair dye, but everything I needed. The dye itself was wonderful. It went on easy and smelled great. The shampoo and conditioner were awesome, too. The results exceeded my expectations and saved my hair, which seems healthier now than it did before.

I know you've heard all this before but I had to say how impressed and happy I am with my experience. Thank you!!!

People should know that they CAN get great looking hair color without being a slave to the salon!"