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Ten Reasons to Go Darker For Fall

by Shilpi Tomar August 10, 2015

Ten Reasons to Go Darker For Fall

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The long, hot days of summer will soon being replaced by the crisp, cool breezes of fall. This means snuggly sweaters, boots and, large cups of pumpkin-spiced lattes are in full order. The mahogany, spicy red, and natural black tones are kicking in with the change in seasons. If you’re thinking of going darker with your hair, then you’re in luck—this is the perfect time to do it. Madison Reed gathered the top 10 reasons you should consider this gorgeous and bold change.

Set The Tone

With school starting for the kids, and friends and relatives wanting to get together before the holidays, this is the time to set the tone and get yourself ready for a new season. With a darker shade, you’ll not only feel ready to take on fall, but you’ll have the color to match.

Add Some Dimension Back In

Lighter summer hair goes well with bright summer dresses. But fall is all about bringing back the warmth with sweaters, boots, auburns, and wines. A deeper tone can add dimension back into your hair.

Give it a Break

Let’s face it, summer took a toll on your hair. After all the beach trips, poolside barbeques, family trips, and sunshine, those split ends are probably starting to show. With a quick snip at the ends and a darker shade all over, that damage can be covered up, and you'll look like you hit the refresh button.

Try Something Brand New

Sometimes you just have to surprise yourself with a new look. It’s never too early or late to go for a totally different color (and maybe show off your new look to your loved ones and friends). Going a little off routine will not only make you feel spontaneous and look stunning.

Add Some Mystique

Whether going dark is a seasonal event, or you’re considering it for the first time, you have to admit that it gives you an essence of mystique. There’s just something so alluring about dark hair that everyone will love.

Play With a New Palette

A new color means a new palette to have fun with. With a darker color, there's a whole new array of eye colors and lips to complement the new shades of your hair, and new outfits and tones to give you a fall-perfect look.

A More Sophisticated You

Have you noticed that women with darker, more bold color often have a more sophisticated look and feel? If you’re looking to make a stunning change without too much effort, go for deeper tones to highlight your cheekbones, eyes and kick up your overall style.

Bring in More Shine

If you’ve had light hair your whole life, going darker will give you an even silkier shine. Not that lighter hair doesn’t have it, but the shine is much more prominent with dark hair. Try a gloss treatment like Madison Reed's Color Reviving Gloss as well, and don’t forget to flip and whirl your hair around.

Focus on the Face

Just like darker clothing has a naturally slimming effect, so does a dark haircolor. It's an easy way to make a wider face thinner, and give you the appearance of stronger, more chiseled features. If you have a square or heart-shaped face and want it to look thinner, a deeper tone might work for you!

Cover those Grays

Yup, we said it. You might have started getting them in your late 30s, and some as early as your late 20s. Grays are here to stay—but there’s definitely something you can do about it. The #1 advantage of going dark is to keep those grays at bay, and reveal a more beautiful and youthful-looking you!