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5 Tips to Freshen Your Fall Hair Care Routine

by September 22, 2016

5 Tips to Freshen Your Fall Hair Care Routine

Image by Madison Reed

Fall is here—and along with chunky knit sweaters, leather boots, and pumpkin-spiced everything, so is Autumn's cooler, dry weather. Sayonara humidity, hello static. The season's dip in temperatures actually helps to maintain a “closed” cuticle, leading to shinier, smoother hair. But the change doesn't end there, and your hair knows it. To work the weather just right and get your healthiest fall mane, consider changing up your daily hair care routine with the tips and tricks below…including how to battle annoying hat hair. 

Fall comes with naturally drier air. Combine that with brisk winds, moisture-zapping heaters, and increased usage of blow dryers and flat irons, and you've got the perfect storm for parched strands. A moisturizing mask added to your hair routine twice a week, or a gloss, like Color Reviving Gloss, can help deeply nourish hair, aiding in preventing split ends and breakage. When using a mask, try soaking strands in warm water to help open the hair cuticle before applying it. Let it penetrate while wearing a protective shower cap. In addition, shelf your current shampoo and conditioner and opt for hydrating versions that contain natural oils, like jojoba or argan oil, to quench your hair on a daily basis. Bonus: the oils help smoothe damaged hair cuticles and help condition your scalp, keeping itchiness and flakes at bay.

See those leaves? They've got this color-changing thing down pat. One hue for the warmer months, another one for Fall. Consider it your Fall hair routine. Highlights and lighter shades look gorgeous all year long, but there's a reason a stunning ombre of brunettes pop up around this time. Lighter shades fade as you spend more time indoors due to the cold. Beat Mother Nature at her own game by going a shade or two darker to transition hair more evenly. And without the summer's harsh rays, that richer, deeper tone will stay truer longer. It's like it's meant to be. For your best hair color, call the Color Crew, a team of certified colorists and professional stylists who listen carefully and tailor suggestions based on your preferences and hair type.

Here at Madison Reed we have always loved going natural—natural-looking hair color for naturally beautiful results. Using ingredients we can feel good about is a given. Alcohol based and synthetic ingredients can dry out your hair even more during this low-moisture season, resulting in thirsty, weak, breakage-prone strands. But sulfate-free products that contain nutrient-rich ingredients tend to baby your tresses, leaving hair's protective oils perfectly intact. Our Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner are derived from coconut oil with a helping of lupine flower protein, argan oil, and ginseng root extract to help lock in color, soften, and strengthen while preserving your hair's natural proteins.

Take a seat, because what we're about to say may shock you. Humidity has its perks. It's true. For better or for worse, it delivers big volume. When the temperature drops in the Fall, so does the water content in the air, which may cause hair to lose its oomph. Give roots a spritz of volumizer, blow dry hair while hanging your head upside down, and style using a round ceramic brush. Unlike natural boar bristle brushes which smooth and sleek out tresses (awesome for summer), ceramic ones let you shape hair while maintaining some texture and volume. Also, consider a quick trim to lighten up your locks. Lengthy layers add overall volume, while a simple snip to remove summer's split, dry ends will help prevent further breakage while adding bounce. And leave those ponytails behind. Switch up your hair routine and wear tresses down to keep broken strands to a minimum.

Heat and friction from the fibers in hats and scarves can create hair's arch nemesis: static. To keep fly-away strands in place, use styling products such as an oil serum to smooth and add shine. And the benefits don't stop there. Applied before using a blow dryer or curling iron, protective creams and sprays help shield hair from heat styling damage. The perfect product particularly helps with a curly hair routine. Stylist tip: Apply products while hair is still damp. This will help you work it through your hair evenly. Using a gentle squeezing motion, start at your ends and work your way up to the roots, releasing excess water from your hair as you style. Try Madison Reed Tame to help control strays with mongongo oil and protect against styling and environmental stressors. Looking for a little hold? Give Madison Reed Style a whirl. It has all the same benefits with hold that won't weigh hair down. And we didn't forget about good ol' hat hair. Carry a travel-sized volumizing spray with you to refresh your hair moments after hanging up your hat.

  1. Increase Moisture
  2. As the Days Get Shorter, Your Hair Gets Darker
  3. Use Ingredients You Can Feel Good About
  4. Pump Up The Volume
  5. The Power Of Product

And there you go: your seasonal hair routine refresher. Time to curl up with a pumpkin spice latte and say cheers to good Fall hair.