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How to Fix Dry, Dull Hair & Get Your Luster Back

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From sparkly diamonds to gorgeous hair, we love things that are shiny and radiant. Most of us weren’t born with picture-perfect hair and have to build on what Mother Nature gave us. Never fear, Madison Reed’s got a few expert tricks for you to get the lustrous color of your dreams in just a few simple steps.

We want our strands live up to perfection by choosing the perfect hair color and then push it into overdrive by having harsh hair habits like daily blow drying and wielding hot tools. The result? A lifeless mane and color fade.

Pick The Right Color
If you frequently color your hair—whether at home or at the salon—your fragile strands risk major damage from harsh chemicals like ammonia, resorcinol, and PPD that can strip hair, leaving it dry, brittle, and dull. 

Radiant Cream Color is rich with nutrients like keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root, which strengthen and protect hair. All while delivering vibrant, multi-tonal color—this means your hair is left soft, shiny, and bouncy!

The formula also amps up your luster because multiple tones are blended into each color to create dimension and visually add volume to hair. The result is more vibrant color with natural-looking highlights and lowlights—an effect previously only achievable in salons by talented colorists.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat
The first step to putting some bounce and body into your hair starts in the shower. Using shampoo and conditioner packed with ingredients to help start the repair process can infuse lifeless locks with some much-needed moisture.

Madison Reed’s sulfate-free hair care ensures that your natural oils aren’t stripped out when you wash. It’s filled with nutrients that not only preserve color and soften hair, but also strengthen each strand from the inside out. Ingredients like lupine flower protein, keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract deliver the phenomenal hair protection through regular use. 

"All of the products we use to protect our hair or achieve a particular style can sometimes stick to the hair shaft and create buildup. Performing a deep hair cleanse is a great way to restore shine and remove excess buildup. 

Try using apple cider vinegar with a mixture of water to treat and cleanse your mane. Mix a one-to-one ratio of each and apply the mixture in the shower. Shampoo while the mixture is still on your hair and condition as usual."
~Natasha Siebert, Color Crew colorist

Shine On
Just like your skin, hair looks better when it glows. Shine makes your hair look healthy and reflects light, which can also help make the face appear radiant (a little secret to help make it look like you’re being followed around by good lighting). 

This works because the tiny scales on the cuticle lie flat (as is the norm with straight hair), which bounces back light waves, producing shine. But, it turns out, locks of any texture can get gleaming. Add some luster back to dull, color-faded locks by using Color Reviving Gloss, which acts like a healthy topcoat for your hair. 

"Use permanent color to get gray coverage on roots (hair that hasn't been colored yet). Then pull gloss throughout your mid-lengths and ends. 

The benefit of using gloss over previously colored hair is that your cuticle has been opened, allowing the Color Reviving Gloss to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and add just the right amount of color to refresh and adjust tones. 

This combination of semi-permanent and permanent color is the secret behind what expert colorists do to maintain your hair in a salon and avoid permanent color from building up and looking dull and brittle."

~Noelle Colvin, Color Crew colorist

Style & Tame
Protecting your color-treated hair with the right products is key to keeping it vibrant and healthy. Designed by internationally award-winning colorists, the aptly named Style & Tame set is the perfect answer.

Style is a lightweight styling cream that multitasks by eliminating frizz, hydrating hair, and adding an extra layer of protection from damage like heat styling and environmental stressors. 

Tame is its lightweight companion that is used before or after styling to smooth and nourish, while adding shine and protection. Not only does it control frizz, it conditions and adds a layer of protection from UV rays and daily wear and tear. Layer on this dynamic duo and watch your locks go from lifeless to lustrous.

You’re all set to shine like the star you are! Now get more great results based on your unique hair and style by building your Hair Profile or calling the Color Crew, our team of certified colorists and stylists, at 1.888.550.9586 for a free consultation. At Madison Reed, we love to help people look and feel their very best!

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