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Never Fear, Hair Help Is Here! Introducing Color Therapy

by Susannah Murdock July 15, 2020

BLOG.07.15_ Color Therapy Launch

Image by Madison Reed

Here at Madison Reed, we are all about self care for your hair, with everything from Pro Boost hair treatments to sulfate-free styling to Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner. Today we are happy to announce the launch of our newest color-loving hair treatment…

Color Therapy™
Color Depositing Hair Mask

Color Therapy is like a face mask, but for your hair (because why should your skin get all the love?). It’s seriously luxurious, but also ridiculously easy. In just 5 minutes, use this in-shower treatment in place of conditioner to deposit color and refresh the tone of your hair while adding intense hydration.

Now for the nitty gritty details. Color Therapy is powered by positively charged SmartDye™ Technology, which means it actually deposits the color where your hair needs it most: the mid-lengths and ends. That’s because the mid-lengths and ends of your hair are more porous and can be brittle and dry, so the color there tends to fade faster and lose vibrancy. You can use Color Therapy as often as you’d like, although we recommend about 2-3 times per week—the more often you use it, the more color is deposited.

Color Therapy is available in 4 shades. Better yet—each deeply saturated shade complements our Radiant Hair Color.

Perla: Adds violet tones to neutralize brassiness in blonde or highlighted hair. We recommend using this shade on light to dark blondes, as well as brunettes with highlighted hair, to reduce yellow tones.

Dorato: Adds golden honey tones to brunette or blonde hair. We recommend this shade for brunette and blonde hair to add golden honey tones.

Caffé: Adds smoky ash tones to neutralize brassiness in brunette hair. We recommend this shade for light to brown hair to reduce orange and red tones, or to refresh rich, chocolate tones.

Castagna: Adds warm chestnut tones to brunette hair. We recommend this shade for brunette or auburn hair to refresh and enhance bronze chestnut  tones.

As with all of our products, Color Therapy is free of ammonia, PPD, resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, gluten, SLS, and titanium dioxide. Plus, it’s formulated with argan oil to restore shine to your color, and keratin and ginseng root extract to strengthen and fortify, leaving your hair soft, hydrated and healthy-looking. 

So if you’ve got 5 minutes, Color Therapy is hair to help—oops—we mean, here to help!