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Meet the Best Selling Trio for Beautiful Hair Color

by April 14, 2021


Image by Madison Reed

Want to know how to get seriously gorgeous hair color...and keep it seriously gorgeous weeks and weeks after you’ve colored? Meet our best-selling trio for beautiful color: Radiant Hair Color, Color Reviving Gloss, and Color Therapy. From clients to professional colorists, everyone is raving about these 3 best-selling beauties—here’s why...


Permanent Color: Radiant Hair Color Kit

First things first: get gorgeous, multi-dimensional permanent color with our Radiant Hair Color kit. If you haven’t used this before, here’s what you need to’s easy. Like super easy. The kit comes with everything you need to color your hair like a total pro, including gloves, barrier cream, a cleansing wipe, plus color and activator, and Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner. Not sure how to find your perfect shade? Take our quick online Color Quiz, or if you want even more help, book a FREE video color consultation with one of our licensed colorists. He or she will help you choose your color, and give you all kinds of hair color and care tips, including tricks for foolproof application. Ask all the hair color questions you’ve ever wanted. Did we mention it’s free? Best. Deal. Ever.

Semi-permanent Color: Color Reviving Gloss 

So now that you’ve got your best hair color ever, you might want to refresh your color every time you touch up your roots, or maybe revive your faded or dull color in between coloring. That’s where Color Reviving Gloss comes in. It’s seriously one of our favorite hair products ever. Little known hair color fact here...gloss is actually THE go-to product for professional colorists, and you can use this salon-secret semi-permanent hair color at home. Depending on what you’re looking for, gloss can enhance faded color, boost shine, and either cool down unwanted brassy tones or add warmth and dimension. 

Two ways to use gloss

1.Gloss Mid-Lengths and Ends When You Color Your Roots

You might not realize this, but most professional colorists use gloss when you get your hair colored in the salon. They don’t actually apply permanent color all over your hair. Permanent color is usually only applied to your roots. This is why permanent color + gloss is the salon-secret system for shiny, healthy-looking hair. Immediately after coloring your roots, apply gloss to your mid-lengths and ends, then let process together. Gloss makes your hair look freshly colored, without over-darkening or creating color buildup.
2.Refresh Your Color with Gloss

You can also use gloss between coloring to bring faded color back to life. Color every 4 weeks? You can get another week or two by using Color Reviving Gloss. Apply it on dry hair from your roots to the ends of your hair and let it process for 35 minutes. Rinse and shampoo, and there you go—stunningly shiny, refreshed color!

Color Treatment: Color Therapy Hair Mask

Gorgeous color and shine deserves special treatment, which is why we created Color Therapy, a color depositing hair mask. With Color Therapy, you can deep condition your hair and refresh the tone of your hair color while you’re in the just 5 minutes. This luxurious, restorative hair mask treatment is powered by SmartDye™ Technology, which deposits color where your hair needs it most, toning and enhancing color while adding intense hydration. We recommend using Color Therapy every second or third time you shampoo, in place of conditioner...the more you use it, the more color is deposited. 

What’s the Difference Between Color Reviving Gloss and Color Therapy?

Good question. Both refresh your color, but they are used at different times, and last differently. Color Reviving Gloss is a semi-permanent hair color that lasts for about 6-8 shampoos. You apply it to dry hair outside of the shower, and let it process for about 30 minutes before you rinse it off. You can use gloss at the same time as you color your roots with permanent color, and you can use it in between coloring sessions about every 2-3 weeks. Color Therapy, on the other hand, is used in the shower, and takes just 5 minutes. It’s a luxurious hair mask that makes your hair feel amazing.  You use Color Therapy just as you would your regular conditioner—along with depositing color, it also gives your hair some serious hydration. Pair those two with Radiant Hair Color, and you’ve got yourself a system of gorgeous hair color, week after week.
As with all of our products, our best-selling trio is made with ingredients you can feel good about, free of ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates, gluten, SLS, and titanium dioxide, and full of hair-loving nutrients keratin, argan oil and ginseng root extract to protect and pamper hair. 
Happy coloring!