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The 5 Hottest Hair Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2020

by Susannah Murdock {{"2020-03-26T21:41:00.000Z" | blogDate:'MMMM d, y'}}

Image by Madison Reed

Spring is FINALLY here (seriously--pretty sure winter was 14 months long), and we are way past ready to ditch our wool beanies and show off some fresh hair color. Please join us in welcoming the warmer weather with shades that are as gorgeous as a sunny afternoon.

Rooted Blonde
We’ve been seeing rooted blondes making a statement for the past few months, and there are no signs that this hair color trend will be letting up anytime soon. If anything, deeper roots are just getting stronger, for many reasons. First, it’s a relatively low-maintenance way to be blonde, as you don’t have to doggedly chase your outgrowth, plus rooted shades can feel less harsh than a single process look. Leaning into darker roots also adds depth and dimension to blonde hair. We love the look in a sunny, buttery hue, or a smoky, sophisticated blonde, as seen with these roots in Radiant Cream Color in Siena Smoky Brown.

Back of blonde woman's head

Cooling Off
The weather may be warming up, but one spring/summer trend for brunette hair is to cool it down. Think ashy undertones rather than warm, smoky hues rather than glints of gold. This “cool” trend is big for brunettes this season, but blondes are getting in on it, too, with muted, pearlized tones. The key to getting this look is to use neutral shades, such as Radiant Cream Color in Dosolo Medium Neutral Brown, as seen here.

Brunette looking at camera

Tonal Terracotta
Of course, not all shades are going cool. This spring/summer, we are also seeing a shift toward tonal terracotta, shades of rich earthy cinnamon and such. Despite the cooling trend, these warm auburn tones are seen as universally flattering, particularly after such a long winter when we can all use a boost of vibrancy and glow. To jump on the terracotta train, look for multi-dimensional shades to add depth and dimension, such as Radiant Cream Color in Como Light Amber Golden Brown.

Side profile of woman with red hair

Move over highlights, lowlights, and babylights, spring/summer 2020 has a whole new way to brighten up brunettes. Twilights is as delicate as the name suggests...a mix of twinkly babylights and ombré highlights. We’re talking tiny pops of golden flecked highlights, usually over brunette hair. Twilights work best for brunettes with warm undertones. The look is low-maintenance and grows out nicely, making it as easy as it is gorgeously on trend. We’re loving the look as seen here with Light Works Balayage Highlighting Kit in Lazio Cool Toffee.

Back of brunette's hair

We love a good trend with an even better name, and tweed is right up there with trendy names. This trend is also sometimes called Greige, or even Rooted Greige. So what do these trendy names even mean when it comes to hair color? Think earthy stone blond or light brown hair color with a slight contrast of both warm and ash tones. This trend can also incorporate another strong spring/summer trend—that of darker roots. So you’ve got darker roots with low contrast warm and cool tones. One of our favorite examples of the greige tweed trend is this darker rooted blonde with Light Works Balayage Highlights in Palmi Warm Honey.
 Blonde Woman's Hair
So who’s ready for warmer weather and fresh new color? 
* raises hand * 
… make that... 
* raises both hands *
We can’t wait to try these gorgeous new hair color trends this spring and summer. Tell us—which is your fave?

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