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Instagrammers To Follow for Gray Hair Inspiration

by Laura French March 11, 2020

Collage of beautiful women with gray hair

Image by Madison Reed

If you’re anything like us, Instagram is the first place you look for new fashion, beauty, or hair inspiration. And one hair color trend that’s having a major moment? The “no” hair color trend—growing out your grays. We’ve written about everything from leaving a few silver strands visible on purpose to the growing shift in how gray hair is perceived, thanks to the many women who’ve stopped covering their grays and are rocking gorgeous natural salt-and-pepper strands. Regardless of what stage you are in the growing-out process, whether you have long or short hair, straight, curly, or coily, or however you like to style it—there’s a wealth of inspiration out there. If you’re tempted to jump on the silver hair bandwagon, check out some of our favorite pro-gray Instagram accounts below. 
Dedicated to celebrating and normalizing the process of growing out your grays, @grombre is a mashup of “gray” and “ombre.” As creator Martha Truslow Smith told Vox in 2018, “We’re not exactly used to seeing people with half-dyed brown hair and then tons of roots. It’s this question of ‘Did she miss her hair appointment? What’s going on?’” Truslow Smith, who stopped dying her hair at age 24, started @grombe to celebrate the growing community of women who’ve quit dying their hair, grown out their gray roots, and feel both empowered and beautiful.

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Nina of @naturally_graysful posts warm, uplifting content that will make you feel all-in about your grays. Her gorgeous selfies showcase her stunning silver natural hair; plus, her lipstick recommendations are always on point.

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If you’re seeking interior design inspiration with a side of gorgeous gray hair content, look no further than New Orleans-based designer and stylist Liz Kamarul, who was in her early thirties when she decided to grow out her roots. In her own words: “Still love it. Still don’t plan on coloring it. EVER.”

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Pilar started “embracing her grey-t-ness” just over two years ago and hasn’t looked back. She relies on purple shampoo to help her long locks look their cool and silvery best. The results are proof that yes, you can rock long gray hair.

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NiKOLCosmetics founder Nikol Johnson Sanchez’s red lips, red nails, and chic voluminous Parisian bob show that salt-and-pepper hair can be high fashion. With posts like “Beauty Rules Every Woman Should Break” and “It’s Time We See Gray Hair Differently,” she’s inspiring silver-haired women to show up as their best selves.

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Vegetarian and wellness enthusiast Terry thinks one of the best things about having gray hair are “those sparkly strands” you don’t find in colored hair. Her super long, silver and white strands are indeed sparkly and healthy-looking.

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Montreal-based personal trainer and fashion influencer Grece Ghanem proves that high-end street style has no age. Her best accessory? Her choppy white bob, plus a pair of oversize sunglasses.

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Fashionista, beauty influencer and mother of two Tennille Murphy’s bouncy silvery curls are absolutely stunning, particularly when paired with her trademark gold jewelry. As Tennille herself puts it, “Ladies, there is a silver hair movement going on!”

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Katie has been growing her hair out since 2018, and she’s blogged about her gray hair journey every step of the way. For anyone going through the transition period, she tells it like it informative and inspirational “follow.”

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We couldn’t finish this post without a shout-out to model and beauty entrepreneur Linda Rodin, whose fierce eyewear, snowy updos, and adorable silver poodle Winks are all part of her iconic look. Aging fashionably and gracefully has never looked so good.

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Joining the gray hair movement? We’d love to hear about some of the people who’ve inspired you, whether or not they’re on Instagram. Shout out your favorite “silver sister” in the comments.
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