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Do or Don't: Leaving A Few Grays Visible

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Image by Madison Reed

Here’s the thing about gray roots—keeping them colored & covered can be a chore. Particularly if your grays grow back fast, you’ll probably find yourself out and about, running errands or heading to the office with a few errant grays visible from time to time. Totally reasonable! But we have to say, we’d never considered gray roots to be a red carpet look on par with sleek updos and slick bobs until this past Sunday...when Gwyneth Paltrow rocked silver roots to the 2020 Golden Globes (complete with diamonds and a sheer, Free-People-by-way-of-Fendi gown, of course). If letting your grays grow out wasn’t on-trend before, it certainly is now.

Showing off darker roots has been popular for quite some time—think ombré, sombré, babylights, and plain old-fashioned grown-out highlights—so it’s only natural that gray roots would have their day in the sun. And Gwyneth is far from the only celeb to let a few silver slivers show–Jessica Biel and Katie Holmes have also walked the red carpet with subtle, elegant gray streaks showing. We love the idea of letting your gray outgrowth shine—it’s the ultimate in effortless, “I woke up like this” cool. If you’re considering growing out your grays, we say go for it. It’s 1) low-maintenance, 2) free, and 3) if you hate it, all you have to do is cover those roots right back up again. Below, more reasons why we think this trend is worth trying:

Leaving some grays visible makes your color look more natural.

If you want your hair color to look as natural as possible, leaving some gray is a gorgeous way to fudge the truth. Whether you’re talking eye-catching gray roots or just a few silvery strands around your temples, you get to decide how much gray goes untouched-up. It’s gray hair on your terms.

It’s easier and lower maintenance.

Play hooky from the salon or take your sweet time between boxes. A low-effort trend is a trend we can get behind.

You can have fun with it.

Gray roots are just crying out for a rebrand. We’ve heard such fancier, prettier terminology as sparkles, tinsel, glitter—or, as we like to call it—a wisdom stripe. “Check it out, my glitter is coming in.” Now it’s a party.

Try it and see.

Literally all you have to do is wait for your gray roots to start growing out. Don’t like the look? Order another box of color or book a salon appointment ASAP—but in the meantime, you can quickly cover grays with brush-on Root Touch Up powder, or simply change your part.

Highlights are never a bad idea.

Adding highlights to solid-colored hair can help give grays just the right amount of camouflage. The variation of lighter and darker tones helps silver hair blend in, without covering anything up. If you’ve been coloring your grays for awhile now, this is a great way to ease yourself into the “some grays” look.

Keep your cool.

You want your gray roots to look silvery and sparkly, not...well, yellow. Use a purple shampoo on your roots to counteract brassiness, or try our Color Reviving Gloss in Crema, which also helps reduce unwanted yellow tones in gray hair.


Remember, as long as you’re not plucking your grays, we support you.

Would you pull a Gwyneth and grow your gray roots out? Or are you happiest when your grays are fully covered? We’d love to hear your thoughts on graying glamorously in the comments.

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