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Meet The Women Who Inspire Us Every Day

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International Women’s Day is a holiday that’s near and dear to us here at Madison Reed. Empowering women to feel their best is why we do what we do—every day of the year. To officially kick off this International Women’s Day (March 8th), we asked our coworkers about the women who’ve inspired them the most, who they look up to, and who, yes, make them feel like the very best versions of themselves. Here’s what they told us about the most inspiring women in their lives...

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Jennifer and I met over ten years ago, and since then she’s inspired me to do better, be better, and continue to be open to possibilities. She’s my rock, my partner in crime, my cheerleader, my advocate, and often my teacher. I’m in awe of her eagerness to learn, her passion for true and honest connection, and by the way she’s always her most authentic self. I don’t have any siblings, but I consider her my sister.

—Lindsay, Director, Product Strategy & Merchandising, on her best friend Jennifer

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One of the women I most admire is my 13 year old daughter, Zoey. I watch wide-eyed with pride as she navigates the perils of middle school with tenacious kindness and a strong sense of self. She is one of the only girls in her school that skateboards, but that doesn't stop her from dropping in at the ramp. She is a surfer, an artist, and funny as hell. I aspire to be more like Zoey. #proudmama

—Susannah, Editorial Director, on her daughter Zoey

Joan Didion standing leaning on a car
The boys on the quad had Hunter Thompson and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but we had Slouching Towards Bethlehem and Joan Didion. She was Instagram chic decades before anyone imagined Instagram. For young women of a certain age who encountered her, she defined what it was to be cool and to turn a writerly appraising eye on everything.

—Mary, VP, Communications & Content, on writer Joan Didion 

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For International Women's Day, it's only fitting that I highlight my mother. Not only is she a wonderful mother, but she's also an incredible businesswoman, selfless human being and the ultimate cheerleader! She has mentored many individuals, myself included, by reminding us of the importance of applying dedication, humility, and kindness to all you do. I am continually inspired by who she is and who she's becoming.

—Danielle, Graphic Designer, on her mom Donna 
 Woman smiling and holding baby
My life inspiration was my mother. She arrived in NYC as a 24-year-old newlywed immigrant who didn't speak a word of English. Forty years later, she was an accomplished professional, but her biggest accomplishment was the legacy of people she helped (including me). Her biggest joy was seeing other people succeed.

—Heidi, Chief Marketing Officer, on her mom Vilma

Feeling inspired? Tell us about the women you look up to and love, in the comments. We’re all ears. And from everyone at Madison Reed, happy (almost) International Women’s Day.

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