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My Best Friend Colored My Hair

by , featuring June 08, 2017

Hair Color with Highlights

Image by Madison Reed

Today, June 8, is National Best Friend's Day and what better way to celebrate than with a friend and some color? Put on your favorite tunes, grab something bubbly and some snacks, and you've got a hair color party...

Our Salon Sales Manager, Shvonne, did just that with her best friend, Sarah. Growing up, they used to play "salon," so finally they got to do the real thing with real gorgeous hair color.

Shvonne is the perfect example of someone who colors her hair in both the salon, and at home. Typically, she uses Radiant Cream Color in Veneto Light Brown to do her roots herself, and gets foil highlights in a salon to add dimension. However, her most recent salon visit left her slightly blonder than she wanted, so she used her normal root color to create lowlights to break up the blonde. Of course, an extra set of hands would help, which is where her friend, Sarah, came in.

Sarah, on the other hand, had turquoise color throughout her hair, so they used Color Reviving Gloss in Prosecco to add shine, and while that processed, they got creative with some kitchen foil and about a bit of Shvonne's Veneto Light Brown...

• First, Shvonne and Sarah made highlight-sized pieces of aluminum foil, i.e. pieces of foil large enough to contain the hair being colored to keep the color from getting on the hair you're not coloring.

• To start coloring, Shvonne smothered Color Reviving Gloss in Prosecco over Sarah's hair. While the gloss processed for 30 minutes, Sarah applied color to Shvonne. (Mix according to instructions.)
• To apply, Sarah took small pieces of Shvonne's hair and “painted” the hair right against the foil. She intentionally chose pieces of hair that were not linear, or not straight up and down, so that the lowlights looked more natural and did not come out in straight lines.

Foil with brush and hair
• Just for fun, they also applied some of the Veneto to Sarah's hair.
• Let process according to instructions, and shampoo.

Shvonne with foil on hair

Pro tip: You can use foil to separate pieces of hair to create dimensional color by painting color through, or if you have existing highlights or lighter pieces that you want to keep away from color, you can also cover those lighter pieces in conditioner and wrap them in foil to preserve them.

Everyone knows that going to the salon can be downright therapeutic–there's something about someone touching your hair and coloring it that makes people talk openly. That experience is even more magical when the person coloring your hair is the person who knows you best. The time it takes to process your color is actually a great opportunity to simply sit still for some uninterrupted chat-time. After all, reserving some me-time is hard enough with everything we have constantly going on, and reserving "me and you" time is even trickier. Making a hair date with your friend results not only in gorgeous hair, but a fun few hours filled with laughter.

Shvonne's final look

So join us as we raise a bottle of Color Activator to say CHEERS to making time for yourself, your best friend, and your hair this June 8th. Happy National Best Friends Day!