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Makeup + Hair Color: Advice from a Makeup Master

by Kimberly Caldwell September 27, 2017

hair color and makeup

Image by Madison Reed


To find the perfect makeup to complement all hair shades, we sent our Chief Brand Ambassador, Kimberly Caldwell, to chat with a makeup master who just so happens to be her best friend.

I love to talk beauty, which is why I’m so excited to post about how to find the perfect makeup to complement your gorgeous hair color. I mean, you may not always want the same hair color. Maybe you go darker for fall and lighter for spring…. When I went from platinum blonde to a warmer golden blonde, I realized I had to tweak my makeup a bit, too. I leaned on my best friend, Tunde Oyeneyin, who also happens to be the Regional Educator for my favorite makeup brand, MAKE UP FOR EVER. Tunde has applied her savvy skills on everyone from Taylor Swift, to, and, of course, on myself. She has painted me up for red carpets, my music videos, and even on my wedding day. 

She's not only a huge part of my world, but a huge beauty inspiration to me, as well. So I trusted this veteran artist to tell us how to perfectly pair up your hair and makeup. Here we go...

the perfect hair color and makeup

Ok, let's break it down:

If you have warm tones in your hair, like Kim who is a dark golden blonde, or have golden brown hair, then you have the gift of versatility. From apricots to corals and bright reds to deep plums, you have a lot of freedom to take risks and be a chameleon. 

If your hair is a cool shade, with no gold or warmth, you need to go brighter with your makeup. To bring the glow back to your skin, try adding a pop of color to your eyeshadow and blush to enhance your complexion. 

Like Kim mentioned, I have had the pleasure of doing her makeup for many appearances. When she was a platinum blonde, it was all about adding shimmer, like highlighter on her cheekbones for illuminated skin. My makeup tips for bright blondes is to go with a classic matte red to balance out the shine. 

For radiant redheads, think earthy tones. Browns and greens are a great eyeshadow option to enhance your hair color. Don't be afraid of a fiery orangish red lip to really turn heads.

I myself have dark brown/black hair. I am all about mascara, mascara, mascara. Loading up your lashes is essential. If you have dark hair and light eyes, try wrapping black liner around the lower and upper lash line to create contrast between your eye color and your hair color. If your dark hair ever has you feeling washed out, blush is a must. Know that brunettes have the luxury to be daring and fearless in everything from nudes to berries.

Of course, all this being said, my number one tip is to own it. If you’re a cool blonde who feels best wearing shades recommended for redheads, then rock it. Like Madison Reed preaches, "Confident is the new Beautiful.”

Thanks, Tunde, for hanging with Madison Reed and giving us your expert advice on how makeup can complement hair color. 
Cheers to many good hair days ahead.