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An Unbe-weave-ably Easy Clip-in Extensions How-To

by Kimberly Caldwell September 20, 2017

how to use clip-in hair extensions including choosing length and tips on coloring your hair extensions

Image by Madison Reed

Chief Brand Ambassador, Kimberly Caldwell, shows us how she gets such voluminous hair…(hint: she uses clip-in extensions).

Let's be honest–some people are born with long, thick locks, but most of us need a little hair help. Celebrities spend a lot of time & money on high-end extensions in Beverly Hills salons to obtain that dream hair. Luckily you don't have to be a millionaire to have expensive-looking locks. Make a quick trip to a beauty supply store to snag authentic human hair clip-in hair extensions. It's a one time expense that will glam you up for numerous occasions. Whether you want to extend your length by a couple inches or by a foot, you can design your own dream hair with easy peasy extensions, no hassle of glue or tape or damage.

How to Get the Right Clip In Extension for Your Hair

First–I recommend human hair over synthetic hair. With real human hair extensions, you can actually style them with hot irons and tools just like your own hair. Plus, there’s the color...
With human hair extensions, you can color match or select a pack one shade lighter or darker to automatically add highlights or lowlights depending on how you want to customize your look. And if you want to match your actual hair further, you can actually dye real hair extensions to match your exact color. I used my beloved Radiant Cream Color in Sicily Blonde, to simply paint the color on my extensions to match my mane. 

Now that you know what length and shade, let's talk about how to secure your set. It's as easy as one, two, three:

How to Clip Hair Extensions In

  1. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Take a thin section of hair down around your neck and clip up the rest.
  2. Use a fine toothed comb or brush and tease in the spots you want to place the clips.
  3. With the clips open, place in the teased section and pop that clip right into place. You've got it. Just take another small section towards the crown of your head but make sure not to place the clips too high so that they aren't visible when you are flipping your new fabulous hair around.

I always like to add a two clip around my bang area as well for a little added drama. Style however your heart desires. Use a flatiron or curling iron to blend, and feel free to use your normal styling products from sprays to oils. You can even wash your new hair if you think it needs a little cleanse. Like I said, it's so worth it to invest in a solid set of authentic human hair clip-in extensions because you can pop them in for a date, wedding, work function, or just to be extra saucy at the grocery store. 

The next time you see a flawless female strutting her stuff with dream hair you can just give her a wink. Enjoy your new do and new you! Let the dreams begin. 

Cheers to good hair days ahead.

p.s. For more info on the care & coloring of your extensions, check out this blog post!