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Kimberly Caldwell's Perfect Summer Beach Waves

by Kimberly Caldwell July 19, 2017

Summer Beach Waves Hair Style

Image by Madison Reed

It's summer, and your hair needs a vacation! Make that a hair-cation. You probably can't spend every day at the beach while the salt air magically creates perfect tousled waves in your hair, so here are some tips to get that messy yet polished look, and to give your poor hair a much deserved break!

It has always taken me longer to accomplish the natural look than the polished one! Why is that?!  Well, I guess I needed Style AND Tame! Luckily Madison Reed has the perfect duo for summer hair! First things first in creating organized chaos–start with wet hair. Apply a quarter-sized amount of Style from roots to ends, which will not only eliminate frizz and hydrate your hair, but also give you UV protection because it's formulated with Mongongo Oil. Follow with two pumps of Tame to condition and nourish, plus seal split ends. Part your hair down the middle into two separate pieces and simply braid. If you want to get fancy, then upgrade to a french braid. Either way, make sure to criss-cross tightly and leave out your ends. Tie off each braid with a clear rubber band and go about your business.

Kim Summer Braids 1

You can continue life, whether it's running errands, cleaning, or even working out while you are making your magic mane come to life. You can't do that with curlers in your hair! (Well, you can, but you might look a little silly.) Speaking of–I like to get a little wild and twist each braid into a bun and secure with a couple bobby pins for a little Princess Leia tribute.

Kim Summer Braids 2

And of course you can always just top off your simple braids with a fun floppy hat to shade your flawless face from all that summer sun.

Kim Summer Braids

I even sleep in my braids if I really want to let them set. This is my favorite way to achieve those perfect beach waves because one–it's so easy, and two–these wondrous waves last like two days, and three–because your hair gets a break from all that heat and styling. I have a toddler, and as a mom-on-the-go I don't have the luxury of washing and drying my hair daily, so this is an awesome alternative.

Ok, let's get back to business. Once your braids have had time to air dry, spritz a mist of hairspray or wax spray. Carefully unplait your braids, using your hands to shake them out. I always say a little extra spray never hurt anybody! But I am from Texas so I'm pretty lenient when it comes to hairspray. It's in my blood. If your hair needs some added volume you can use your hands to scrunch your ends up while applying minimal heat from your blow dryer. For a little added drama and just because you are so freaking fabulous, give your waves a good ol' fashioned hair flip. And ta-da!

Kimberly Caldwell Summer Braids

With no heat and no time wasted on wrapping your hair up in an iron, you gave your locks a much deserved hair-cation. Whether you are meeting up for brunch with the ladies or strapping on those daunting heels for a date night with the ball and chain, this legendary look can seamlessly transform from day to night. Now all you need is the sand between your toes and some killer shades to really top off your summertime sass.

Cheers to good hair days ahead!