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5 Genius Hair Hacks for Busy Women

by August 15, 2018

5 hair hacks for gorgeous hair

Image by Madison Reed

We love a good hair day. Here’s what we don’t love—putting a lot of time and energy into said good hair day. Turns out, it is possible to achieve absolutely gorgeous hair without hours of effort, which is the best news for everyone who’s as busy as we are. Read on for our favorite hair hacks for when you’d rather be doing, oh, almost anything else.

  1. Don’t wash your hair every day
    Time-saving and strand-saving. Daily shampooing actually strips your hair of natural oils produced by your scalp, so you’ll wind up with dry, brittle hair. Not good. Depending on how oily your scalp gets, an every-other-day or every-third-day shampoo and conditioner schedule is best. If you’ve worked out or it’s 100 degrees out, feel free to rinse your hair in the shower. Voila—so fresh and so clean.

  2. Sleep in braids
    For those evenings when you are planning to wash your hair, this is a super-easy way to add texture overnight and wake up with beachy waves. Blow dry your hair until it’s about halfway dry (or wait for it to air dry). Then, spritz your strands with a texturizing spray and scrunch them up a bit. Part your hair down the middle, divide into sections and plait your hair in at least two braids (the more braids you do, the curlier your waves will look). Now simply go to sleep. In the morning, unbraid your hair and feel super proud of yourself for styling while you zzzzz. Multitasking!

  3. Be your own colorist
    It’s hard to find time for the salon—even booking an appointment can take forever, and there’s always something else going on. Bring professional hair color in-house with salon-quality Radiant Cream Color. Crafted in Italy by master colorists, our gorgeous, multi-tonal shades are rich and vibrant, and leave your hair feeling so healthy and shiny. Best part? It’s as easy as mix, apply, rinse. No need to block off a whole afternoon...even though your hair will look like you’ve spent hours in a colorist’s chair.

  4. Curl just the ends of your hair
    You’ve got better things to do than spend an hour in front of the mirror with your curling iron. This pretty, polished look takes less than ten minutes to achieve. Simply section your hair, wrap the bottom third of each section around your curling iron barrel or curling wand, pause for 30 seconds, and release. There you have it, a little bend at the end.

  5. Get messy
    Messy buns are having a major moment—thanks, Meghan Markle!—and for good reason: they’re as easy to replicate as a ponytail and a heck of a lot cuter. Here’s how to create one in five minutes. Pull your hair into a low ponytail and gently tease from roots to ends. Then, loosely wrap your ponytail around the hair tie, tucking the end into the elastic and securing with bobby pins. Pull a few face-framing strands loose, and you’re all set. Permission to hit the snooze button, granted.

Got a hair hack of your own? Do tell. Leave a comment or a question—us busy women need to help each other out!