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Style and Tame for All Hair Types

by Madison Reed October 18, 2016

Woman with Brown Hair

Image by Madison Reed

No matter what your hair type, our Style and Tame products are specifically designed to work with color-treated hair, and they will help keep color looking fresh and hair looking healthy. Learn more about our dynamic duo of styling products, and check out some of our favorite quick and easy styles for every hair type.

The Style and Tame Collection
Just like our shampoo, conditioner, and hair color products, Style and Tame are sulfate-free and made with nutrient-rich ingredients. Style includes Baobab seed to help keep hair soft and smooth, and the Mongongo Oil protects your locks from heat styling tools. Just a pump of Tame prevents frizz and shields your hair from color fading. The argan oil packs shine without weighing hair down, while Mongongo oil guards against environmental stressors, like UV damage. When used together, you end up with frizz-free, hydrated, shiny, and protected hair that looks and feels great.

For All Hair Types
Our Style and Tame one-two punch is as close to a one size fits all style pairing that you can get. Use Style on damp hair before heat styling to pack hair with hydration, whether you’re opting for a sleek straight style or voluminous waves. After styling, finish hair with Tame to punch up shine while reducing frizz. Below, check out our styling tips by hair type, so you can find a routine that works just for you.

Style It Sleek and Straight
Straight hair is timeless, and our Style and Tame duo helps your straight hair look its best, whether you’re looking for a super sleek style or a natural take on straight hair. After washing hair, work a dollop of Style through hair prior to blow drying. After blow drying, use a pump of Tame and work through freshly dried hair to keep frizz at bay. If you’re opting for a more natural look, let your hair air dry after using Style. Once hair is dry, use Tame to finish the style. This will add shine to hair and help prevent hair from getting frizzy.

Work Those Waves
Wavy hair is very on trend right now, and if you’re blessed with a natural wave in your hair, we want to help you celebrate that look. To keep your natural waves looking fresh throughout the day, use Style on damp hair before finishing your look. Scrunching hair will help add a little extra wave. If you’re looking for hair that’s a bit straighter than your natural look, lightly blow dry without a brush and finish with a pump of Tame to reduce frizz. If you’re keeping it au naturale, let hair air dry. Finish with a pump of Tame, and scrunch up your hair to complete the look when dry.

For Girls With Curls
If you’re looking to showcase your curly hair, a blend of Style and Tame will help you define your curls and eliminate frizz. Work a mixture of two parts Style and one part Tame through damp hair. While you do this, use your fingers to twist and set curls. Blow dry with a diffuser to complete the look. If you’re looking to loosen up your curls, simply use Style on damp hair without twisting curls. Blow dry hair lightly without a brush or comb. After hair is dry, work Tame through hair to help reduce frizz.

Keep It Coily
For coily hair, a blend of Style and Tame products will help define curls while preventing it from looking frizzy. Work a mixture of one part Style and one part Tame through damp hair to set curls. Blow dry using a diffuser, and scrunch hair with a bit of Tame to set the look when dry. For a smoother look, just work Style through damp hair. When blow drying, smooth out coils with fingers. Once dry, finish with Tame to add shine and reduce frizz.

A Little Goes a Long Way
Just a pump (or two) of Style and Tame is all you need to get your hair looking its best. If you’re looking to make healthy-looking hair a part of your program from start to finish, be sure to check out one of our other favorite duos—our Color-Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner. Throwing a deep conditioning treatment into your routine once a week—just leave conditioner on hair for fifteen minutes before rinsing—will help keep hair looking nourished and feeling great.