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How We Gave Our Moms Grays

by May 03, 2017

Mothers Day

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Skinned knees, staying out past curfew, skateboarding off the roof and into the pool...we thought we would begin the Mother’s Day celebration by spilling the stories on how we may have given our moms a few gray hairs. (Sorry about that.)

I kept bringing home cats! She would start off saying we couldn't keep them but she was a sucker for two cute faces (mine and the kitties’). Thanks to my mom I've graduated to crazy cat lady.
–Samantha, Color Crew Support Manager

I was a massive eye roller. It drove my mom crazy. I don't need to thank her, because she is in heaven, laughing hysterically as she watches both of my daughters do this to me now. 
–Heidi, Chief Marketing Officer

My older brother and I shared a room with bunk beds. One day I really wanted to be on the top bunk but he had claimed it already. So I pushed him off. He landed on his face, on the white carpet, his nose bleeding. My mom might have already had some gray hairs by then, but the situation definitely didn't help! I don't think I got in too much trouble though–just had to clean the blood off the carpet. 
–Andrew, QA Engineer

I used ALL of my mom's lipsticks to paint the sidewalk with my best friend. 
–Kira, Designer

When I was about 8 years old in Minnesota, I used a broom to knock giant icicles off of the awning above our front door. Of course I was standing directly underneath them and looking up. Knock, crash…the sharp point of the icicle went right through my cheek. They took me to ER with an icicle in my face. That’s Minnesota. 
–Halee, VP of Creative

The constant battle between me and my mother–that I am certain contributed to her grays–was our regular trips to Bloomingdales in Manhattan. I'd make her take me there all the time. And we'd always fight about what she was willing to buy me vs what I wanted. Every trip included a knock down/drag out fight in the dressing room.
ME: "I want all 3 Ralph Lauren Polo Shirts.”
MOM: "I am only buying you 1. Pick your favorite.”
ME: "But I NEED 3.”
MOM: I am buying you 1.”
ME: What about 2? 1 for Valentine's Day (the pink one) and 1 for St. Patrick's Day (the green one).”
MOM: long pause, big sigh, "...OK, fine. But do not tell your father, and if he asks, they are NOT NEW.”
ME: "Ok. Thanks Mom.  I love you."

–Maureen, Chief Product Officer

My friends and I decided to ditch school to go shopping. The place they wanted to go was right across the street from my mom's work. I really didn't want to do this because obviously, it's a stupid idea to ditch literally across the street from where your mother works, but I didn't speak up because...well, I was in high school and being cool was 100 times more important than being intelligent. So, I'm looking around in the store and I get a tap on my shoulder...wouldn't you know it–I turn around and there is my mother looking like she might kill me. GETYOURSELFHOMENOW! And then she quietly turned around and left. My mom later told me the worst thing was not finding out that her daughter had ditched, but the embarrassment of having to tell her boss she had to bust her daughter ditching right across the street from her work. She said I looked naughty AND DUMB!!!! 
When I told her I didn't think she'd be looking out the window (trying to make it HER fault that she wasn't busy enough at work), she said, you were wearing A GOLD AND GREEN LETTERMAN JACKET, I COULDN'T HAVE MISSED YOU IF I TRIED!!!!
Yeah, good point. Ugh, my poor mother.

–Shvonne, Salon Sales

As the youngest of 4 boys, I don't suppose trying to smoke cigarettes before I was 10 would be an appropriate answer...
–Bill, Head of Talent & People

Oh moms everywhere, THANK YOU. And to all of us, here’s a little motherly advice: we’ve got t-minus 11 days until Mother’s Day, just enough time to do some shopping or make a card or just tell her thank you. Love to all the moms...

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