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A Review of Light Works Balayage Highlighting Kit

by June 05, 2019

A Review of Light Works Balayage Highlighting Kit

Nicole Elise

Please join us in welcoming guest blogger Nicole Elise, influencer, model and full-time mom to her adorable daughter. Check out Nicole’s YouTube channel for all things beauty, lifestyle and fashion related, and don’t miss her video review of our Light Works® Balayage Highlighting Kit. She applied it like a pro, and spoiler alert: her results are seriously STUNNING. Here we go…

I decided to try out the Madison Reed Light Works® Balayage Highlighting Kit because I was so tired of paying salon prices and taking 3 hours out of my day just to get my hair done. I am a mother to a three year old, which is very demanding, and to top it off I’m also a working mom. The idea of highlighting my own hair seemed really intimidating but to be able to do it in the comfort of my own home outweighed my fear of trying it. I was definitely nervous jumping into the entire process of coloring my own hair, but thankfully Madison Reed is extremely organized and had step-by-step tutorials on how to apply the product. It was extremely thorough and the worry of messing up subsided with the help of the videos Madison Reed provided. Once I got the hang of the application process, I felt super comfortable and started to find it peaceful and enjoyable painting the product on my hair.

light works balayage highlights before and after photo

During the time where I had to wait for the product to set, I was able to make lunch for my daughter and get emails done. Being able to do that while getting my hair done honestly is what made me love the convenience of this kit. As for the results, I was SO impressed. I even jokingly considered becoming a professional colorist, the results were that good! Plus the Light Works kit was just so was so easy to do my own hair. All of my friends instantly noticed the highlights in my hair and asked who I go to. I would 100% recommend anyone to try Madison Reed. Who isn’t looking for salon results but for an affordable price? AND you get to be at home?! Yes please!!