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All About Hair Color House Parties

by February 24, 2021


Image by Madison Reed

Have you heard about a not-so-little event we like to call the Hair Color House Party? Every week or so, we host a virtual get-together to kick back, relax with our beverage of choice, and get our coloring on as a group—from our bathrooms, from our kitchens, from our living rooms, you name it. And it’s as much a party as the name implies. We all get to hang out—virtually, of course—color our hair together, and answer your questions in real time. That’s right, at a Madison Reed Hair Color House Party, you get to ask our licensed colorists all your coloring questions in person. It’s as easy as that—you ask, we answer. Live demos with our professional colorists, step-by-step instructions you can easily follow at home, free advice, and prizes...are you sold yet?

If you and your friends are interested in joining the next Hair Color House Party—as you should be!—read on for everything you need to know to prepare for the big night. We’re super excited to see you there!

Get ready to party...

“Okay, I am IN. Now how do I join the fun?”

We are so glad you feel that way! And we’d LOVE to see you at the next Hair Color House Party! Here’s the easiest way to RSVP: simply click here to sign up. You’ll be directed to our Eventbrite page to complete your registration, and you can even add the event to your Google Calendar so you’ll be sent a reminder the day of.

“Are Hair Color House Parties free to attend?”

Completely free! $0.00. Free live demos are the name of the game around here—and we even have giveaways. Of course, it is B.Y.O.C.—bring your own color—and on that note...

“What should I bring to the party?”

Bring your hair color questions, a notepad to jot down tips, and of course your beverage of choice, whether it’s a spicy chai or a glass of Pinot. If you’re planning on coloring along with us, have your Color Kit open and ready to go, and be sure to have a bowl + brush on hand (if you prefer to apply your color this way), plus throw on an old t-shirt or smock. Yes, this is the unofficial #HCHP uniform. Our colorists will be right there with you!

“What’s a good example of a question to ask?”

Here are some of our more popular Hair Color House Party questions:

Q: How can I cover my roots without making the rest of my hair darker?
A: Don’t pull your color through! Even better, opt for The Perfect Pair—Radiant Hair Color on your roots, Color Reviving Gloss on your mid-lengths and ends.

Q: Should my hair be freshly washed before coloring?
A: Nope, it’s better to wait a day. We always recommend coloring your hair the day after you wash it. Also, avoid using heavier styling products that could leave a residue on your hair before coloring.

Q: Any tips for coloring curly or coily hair?
A: Hydration is essential! If you color your curly hair regularly, we recommend using a deep conditioning treatment once a week to make sure your hair stays hydrated and healthy-looking. If your curly hair is porous and longer than shoulder length, you may want to add an extra tube of color to your order.

Q: Team bottle or team bowl + brush?
A: It’s totally up to you! You can certainly use the applicator bottle to color your hair, but using a bowl and brush does help you really saturate your roots, and allows for more accurate coloring. Give our Pro Color Bowl + Brush a try to see what we mean.

But really, the best question to ask is the one that’s top of mind for you. You can truly ask our colorists anything—and chances are, if you’re wondering, someone else out there is wondering the exact same thing.

“What if I missed out on a topic I was interested in?”

After the Hair Color House Party is the after party, so no worries, you haven’t missed a thing. You can watch all past parties right here on our Facebook page. No, you won’t be able to ask your questions, but you will be able to pause to take notes or as you’re color along, so that’s an added bonus! And don’t forget to keep an eye on our calendar of upcoming Hair Color House Parties so you can RSVP early for the next one.

Long story short, we love hosting and participating in our Hair Color House Parties as much as you’re going to love coloring along with us for the evening. Join us for the next one, won’t you?