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Need Help With Your Hair Color? At Your Service (In More Ways Than One)

by November 25, 2020

BLOG.11.25_Help With Your Hair Color

Image by Madison Reed

How can we help you? Let us count the at Madison Reed, we are ALL about helping you love your hair color, whether you color your hair at home or at a Madison Reed Hair Color Bar...even if you don’t color your hair at all. Seriously. We’re all about making you feel like your best, most confident self, and we have more than a few ways to do just that. Here’s a roundup of all of our hair color and care services…

The heart and soul of our company is our Color Crew. Made up of professional colorists, this uber-talented team takes your phone calls, your emails, and your chats to answer all of your questions. Send them a photo of you and your hair in natural light and they can help you with anything from finding your perfect shade to helping you get the best gray coverage to tips on how to maintain your gorgeous color...they can even troubleshoot billing questions or help you manage your hair color subscription. Is there anything this team can’t do? We think not.

More of an online person? No worries, we’ve got a service for you. Our online Color Quiz asks all the right questions to help you find a hair color right for you, and even recommends treatments to help you with your hair concerns. It’s fast, it’s simple, and the result is your perfect shade. Best quiz ever, right?

Ever wondered what you’d look like with red hair? Blonde? As a brunette? Wonder no more, because you can actually see what different hair colors look like on you with our virtual hair color try-on tool. It’s easy. Just upload a photo or use your live camera to “try on” different hair color shades. We get it. Changing your hair color can be a commitment, and choosing a shade can be intimidating. Now you can actually make sure you like the results before you color. So what are you waiting for? Check out our Try On tool to see if you can rock that red (or blonde, brunette, or black hair). No cost, no commitment, just beautiful confidence.

What if you could go to a party with professional colorists and watch as they gave a live demonstration on how to color your hair? Well now you can, and you’re invited. Join the party at one of our FREE virtual get-togethers on, your Color Kit, and all your hair color and care questions. You can color along with them as they go, or you can just sit back and absorb their knowledge as they talk about all things hair color, gloss, roots, grays, highlights and more. Hair Color House Parties happen about once every other week, but if you missed the fun, no worries. You can always watch past parties on our YouTube channel. 

Ok, so this isn’t really a service, per se, but we think it’s just as important. Because we really DO want you to love your hair. If you don’t—a professional colorist will consult with you to find a solution you do love. And if you're still not happy? We'll refund your money on your first box, 100%. So not so much a service, but an act of love. 100%.

If there’s any other way we can help you, please let us know in the comments.