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How Do I Find a Good Hair Colorist?

by Madison Reed February 15, 2024

How to find a good hair colorist?

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Finding a good hair colorist is a game changer. As experts, they know how to dye your hair and keep it looking healthy, plus they are able to help you achieve your dream color nothing brighter, nothing darker. We select only the best hairdressers, so why should it be different when dyeing your hair? But, how do you find a good hair colorist? We will help you here, so read on!

How to Find a Great Hair Colorist: 5 Tips

Finding the best hair colorist for you may be much easier than it seems. With our tips, you will connect with one in no time! So, how do you choose a hair colorist?

1. Gather Recommendations 

There is no better way to find a good hair colorist than crowdsourcing and getting recommendations from your friends. Reach out to people you know  who have great hair color! That way, you can get a detailed review for a hair colorist from someone who knows and trusts them. Gather as many recommendations as possible, schedule a consultation, and try out the ones you connect with most to see if they are the best match for you. 

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2. Check Online Reviews

People usually leave reviews in extreme situations either they are obsessed with their results, or they are wildly disappointed. If you are looking for the best hair colorist it’s simple look for the best reviews! Having many positive reviews means the colorist does such a great job that people go out of their way to tell others about it. After all, if the services were just ho-hum, nobody would bother to do that, right? As with anything, authentic and thoughtful hair colorist reviews can be an extremely useful resource. 

3. Consider Your Hair Type

Remember, not all hair colorists are the same and not all hair types are the same.  Each hair colorist might specialize in different kinds of hair, so be sure to chat about their experience and expertise. Consider your current hair color, the hair color you want, and the type, texture, and thickness of your hair. Be sure to consult with your hair colorist to see if they feel confident coloring your hair, and make sure you feel comfortable and confident in their skills.

4. Ask Your Hair Colorist the Right Questions

You need to ask the right questions before coloring your hair. These should be both about the process itself and the results you are looking for. Maybe you’ll learn that your hair colorist has some special, unique techniques? They might have before/after photosto inspire you. A good hair colorist will be open to answering any questions you have, and will be honest with you about the results you can achieve.  Be sure to ask about anything that concerns you including letting them know about any allergies you have. 


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 5. Look for a Licensed Colorist

When thinking about how to choose your hair colorist, you should take into account a more formal aspect whether or not they have a license. Any hairdresser or barber is allowed to dye your hair since they do undergo basic training in this process. Yet, the difference between a non-licensed and licensed colorist is significant in terms of their training and experience. If you opt for a licensed colorist, you have a guarantee that they are indeed highly trained experts in the world of hair coloring.

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How do I find a good hair colorist? Visit Madison Reed

How Do You Find a Good Hair Colorist: The Takeaway

How do you find a good hair colorist? Ask around, read reviews, check their specialization, and verify their certifications. Still struggling to make a choice? Don’t worry, opt for one of our Hair Color Bars – we promise your hair will be in good hands!

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