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Real Life Madison Reed Review: Verona Brown and Barletta Brown

by July 18, 2018

Verona Brown hair color and Barletta Brown Hair Color from Madison Reed

Image by Madison Reed

Busy mom and lover of her gorgeous, natural curls, Leti talks to us about hair color, confidence, and Verona and Barletta Brown (yes, she tried and loved BOTH!)...

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to coloring your hair. Why Madison Reed?
I used to get my hair colored and highlighted at a salon. My hair was very dry and damaged. After months of restoring the health of my hair I was ready to color it again. But it was important for me to use something that would be gentle on my hair and was free of toxic ingredients. I definitely did not want to go to a salon again. I saw other curly girls on Instagram using Madison Reed and decided to give it a try. I loved that the products were free of ammonia, parabens and sulfates, all of which I avoid in all of my hair products.

How did you decide on your current color?
When choosing a color I knew I wanted to go darker to cover my stubborn grays but I wanted my old highlights to still shine through. I took the color matching quiz and it suggested Verona Brown. Since then, I’ve used a couple other brown shades, the most recent one being Barletta Brown.

How does your color make you feel every day?
My hair feels and looks healthy and shiny. I get compliments on the color all the time. I feel confident that I’m using something to give me a rich color without causing damage.

What does a good hair day feel like? A bad hair day?
On a good hair day my hair feels soft and bouncy, and my bad hair days are almost non-existent.

Prior to using Madison Reed, had you colored your hair at home before?
I hadn’t colored my hair at home in years! I was nervous at first, but with Madison Reed it was pretty easy!

So what makes our Radiant Cream Color Kit different?
Madison Reed is differentbecause it’s gentle on my hair while still providing rich permanent color. The packaging is beautiful and the instructions are clear.

Any tips for someone trying Madison Reed color for the first time?
My tips for anyone using Madison Reed for the first time are to first, use the barrier cream. You may not think you need it, but it’s so effective and helpful. Also, get the Professional Color Tool Kit—it’s easy without it, but it’s so nice to have. If you have curly hair, definitely brush it or finger detangle before starting. It will be so much easier to work in smaller sections that are already detangled.

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