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Real Life Madison Reed Review: Parma Black

by April 17, 2019

Review of Madison Reed Parma Black Hair Color

Image by Madison Reed

With experience as an attorney, management consultant, executive, professor, dean, best-selling author and career and business coach, Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is what you might call busy. Which may be one of the reasons she loves coloring her own hair with Madison Reed, but we’re guessing another reason is that Radiant Cream Color in Parma Black looks absolutely gorgeous on her. We asked her to review her experience with Madison know—in her spare time. ;)

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to coloring your hair. Why did you choose Madison Reed Radiant Cream Color?
Because Madison Reed products are gentle on my hair. There's no chemical smell, the clean up is easy, it leaves my hair feeling soft, shiny and healthy. Also the color has real staying power which means I can go quite a bit of time in between touch ups.

Some people color their hair just for fun, other people color to feel more like themselves, or to cover gray. Why do you color your hair?
I color my hair to feel more like me! I have a few grays peeking through at my hairline so covering those up makes me feel  more like me. I'm actually looking forward to my hair going all silver, but until then, I'm happy to use Madison Reed to continue to feel vibrant and fantastic.

How did you decide on your current color?
My hair is dark brown (it looks black) so I like to go with a color that's close to my natural color. However, Parma Black gives such vibrancy to my hair, that's why I choose it every time!

In the past, what other shades have you colored your hair? How did those shades make you feel?
The last time I was in Madison Reed they used a gorgeous Barolo red gloss throughout my hair. I love the way the red highlights shimmer in the sun.

What hair color have you always wanted to try but haven’t yet?
I've often wondered what it would be light to go with a lighter golden brown, instead of the darker tones I've been used to. However, I'm not sure what that would take to go lighter instead of darker.

How does your current color make you feel?
Energized, beautiful, and powerful.

What does a good hair day feel like? A bad hair day?
I'm blessed to have locs! As a result, I don't have bad hair days, so with the Madison Reed's hair color, every day I know my hair will look amazing and that makes me feel confident and ready to conquer the world!

Prior to using Madison Reed, had you colored your hair at home before?
Not much. I found the process too long and too harsh on my hair. I have allergies and the smell was just too much for me. Also my hair always felt brittle and looked dull.

What makes our Radiant Cream Color Kit different?
The number one thing for me is the feel of my hair—it feels healthy and moisturized. Second is the shine. I get so many compliments on my hair and I know that's because of Madison Reed.

Any tips for someone trying Madison Reed color for the first time?
If you're afraid of color, try the amazing gloss products or just start with your current hair color. After using it just once, you'll be a fan and a believer....just like me!
Thanks for using, loving and reviewing Radiant Cream Color, Carol! Parma Black looks phenomenal on those gorgeous locs!