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Do I Really Need to Strand Test? Yes. Here’s How…

by , featuring July 11, 2018

hair strand test

Image by Madison Reed

Admit it: you don’t always perform a strand test. We’ve been there. You just want to dive in and color your hair already! Instant gratification! But we stand our ground when it comes to strand’s better to perform this test beforehand, particularly when switching to a new color, coloring for the first time, or lightening your hair.

Doing a strand test for lightening your hair is a little more involved than for regular permanent hair color, but it’s still relatively easy (and oh-so worth it). To show you just how easy it is to do your own at-home hair strand test, we talked to Chelsea Smith, Master Colorist, about why a strand test is important, and how to do one for our Light Works™ Balayage Highlighting Kit.

Simple, right? Click here for instructions on how to perform a strand test using Radiant Cream Color (spoiler alert: it’s even easier). Or watch our video:

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