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Going Lighter and Lighter with Light Works

by October 03, 2018

hair lightener before and after

Image by Madison Reed

Ask anyone who has highlights and they will tell you: once you lighten your hair, you often want to go lighter, and lighter, and...well, you know where this is going. Since our award-winning Light Works™ Balayage Highlighting Kit has been out for a few months now, we thought it was the perfect time to let you in on the 3 must-know tips for going even lighter the right way...

  1. Build those bonds!
Leading up to lightening again, you want to strengthen your hair as much as possible. Enter Light Works Bond Building Cleansing Treatment. This weekly treatment contains technology that rebuilds bonds inside the hair, and helps prevent breakage. This is seriously a superhero for your highlighted hair.

  2. Conduct a strand test. Make that two strand tests.
Whenever you lighten your hair, you want to perform a strand test to determine how long to leave the lightener on your hair to get your desired result, but also to make sure your hair is healthy enough for lightening. This is especially important if you have previously lightened hair. Conduct a strand test on both a piece of lightened hair and a piece of unlightened hair. Do not apply lightener to hair that has been highlighted previously. Instead, lighten hair around those pieces.

  3. Go lighter gradually...
Building lightness is better for the integrity of your hair, and it allows you to play around with just how light you want to go. Don’t forget: lighter hair can change your whole look. You may find that your makeup needs to be adjusted, or your brow color, even that you feel better in different colors of clothing. Going lighter gradually helps you see how you need to adjust. After all, practice makes perfect, and it’s best to gradually add more lightness until you reach just the right level of light.

Want to see these tips in action? Meet Colleen—she used Light Works a few months ago, and wants to add a bit more balayage to her hair. Watch how she does it…