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The Bond Building Superhero Your Highlighted Hair Needs

by September 12, 2018

what is a bond builder

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Bond Builders. If you’ve simply colored your hair before then you may have heard of them. If you’ve highlighted your hair before, then you have more than likely heard of them, and if you haven’t, then you might want to read this. Because a Bond Builder is a modern day superhero for highlighted hair. Does that make it a superhairo? We think so.

It’s like this: your hair strand is made up of the medulla (innermost core), the cortex (between the medulla and the cuticle), and the cuticle (the outer layer). When you highlight your hair, you are literally lifting up the outer cuticle layer to penetrate the cortex to lift and lighten your color.

Here’s where it gets even more science-y. Your hair consists of different bonds, one of which is disulfide bonds. These bonds are compromised when you highlight your hair, swelling the cortex of your hair and dissolving artificial color or the natural melanin molecules to create “lightness”. As it decolorizes the hair, it breaks down the structural bonds, leading to damaged, weakened hair.

Of course, hair strands can be weakened even without using a lightening product. Factors such as aging and increased use of hot styling tools, such as blow dryers, flat and curling irons also damage and weaken your hair, resulting in the ever-growing market of hair bonding products to strengthen your hair.

Now for the big question: is your hair weak?
Hopefully not, but if you notice that your hair breaks easily, is frizzy and difficult to manage, then yes, your hair is probably weak. And yes, there is something you can do about it.

Weak hair...what now?
Historically, most solutions for weak hair have involved ingredients that act primarily at the surface of the hair with limited hair fiber penetration. These solutions have included various forms of proteins, keratin derivatives and some vitamins and natural oils. However, the only effective long-term solution is to repair, restore or replace the internal structure of the hair. Enter our Superhairo: Light Works™ Bond Building Cleansing Treatment.

What is a bond builder for hair anyway?
Hold on tight, cause we’re getting technical. Our Bond Building Cleansing Treatment is composed of hero ingredient hydroxypropyl gluconamide. This ingredient has been shown to penetrate into the hair fiber and work via electrostatic interaction, using hydrogen bonds to strengthen the hair. The technology has multiple hydroxyl groups and an amide group that allow the molecule to form hydrogen bonds, acting as a physical crosslinking agent to restore and stabilize the internal structure of hair.

Remember those broken disulfide bonds? Bond Building Cleansing Treatment helps repair them.

Bond Building Cleansing Treatment is formulated as a one-step, post-lightening treatment that strengthens the hair fibers compromised by the highlighting process. So what are you waiting for? Your superhairo awaits.