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A Better Way to Highlight is FINALLY Here...Introducing Light Works

by June 13, 2018

highlights at home

Image by Madison Reed

It’s here! And we can FINALLY tell you all about it (we’ve been bursting at the seams for months now)...

Light Works™ 
Ammonia-free 2-step kit for natural-looking balayage highlights at home

This is highlights...reinvented
We took a loooong time to get this right, creating a revolutionary process using salon-secret formulas to achieve gorgeous highlights at home. Seriously—the world of highlights will never be the same, because only Light Works™ offers the same 2-step process that you get in a salon, first lightening, then toning to refine the color for natural-looking, balayage highlights.

  • Step 1:
    Create highlights

    Use Light Works Lightening Cream with our patent-pending Wishbone balayage applicator for fool-proof application of natural-looking highlights.

  • Step 2:
    Tone highlights

    Use Light Works Finish Toning Glaze, a demi-permanent multi-tasker that perfects the tone of highlights (just as a salon would), while improving overall condition and shine of hair.

Plus, we included a bond building cleansing treatment to strengthen highlighted hair, helping to prevent future breakage. That’s how much we love hair. And you.

Gorgeous, salon-quality balayage highlights you can do yourself? Pretty sure this marks the official start of summer, and it’s going to be stunning...