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A Money Piece Hair - The Hottest Hair Trend of 2023

by Madison Reed October 25, 2023

what is a money piece

Image by Madison Reed

Balayage, highlights, ombre, sombre, bleach – there are several options that will make your hair lighter. Each one gives your hair a unique look that's sure to turn heads. In this article, we’ll look at one extra technique that frames your face and really makes your hair color pop. What is a money piece hair highlight? Find out below!

What Is a Money Piece?

A money piece is a type of highlight where you only color strands of hair framing the face near your part line. It’s become widely popular thanks to Beyoncé, who looked simply stunning with her money piece. This trend has then been picked up by many other celebrities, with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Bieber having their hair highlighted with this technique.

Unlike other hair-lightening methods, a money piece isn’t as damaging to your hair since you are only lightening a small portion of the hair.  It’s great for those of you who want a change without too much effort or overly bleaching the hair.

what is a money piece

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Why Are Money Pieces So Popular?

Knowing what a money piece is, you might wonder why it is so popular right now. The truth lies in the youngest adult generation: Gen Z.

Money piece hair was famous in the 1990s, the time period in which this generation finds inspiration. Thus, they try to copy the looks of the stars from the nineties. What’s more, this hair-highlighting technique gives you an expensive look, which is a big draw for younger women.

What Is the Right Color for Money Piece Hair?

If you’re planning to get a money piece for your hair, you might wonder what color your highlights should be. After all, it’s all about the contrast between your current hair color and the one that you want to achieve. But, there’s good news – no matter what hair color you have right now, a money piece will look glamorous.

What is the right color for your money piece? The truth is: it depends. Some women prefer to go only one to two tones lighter, while others opt to go even three to four tones lower. So, what should you pay particular attention to while selecting the color?
  • Your skin tone – The first obvious criterion is whether the money piece color will match your skin tone. How to know which colors will be right for you? Read our article on how to find the best hair color for your skin tone!

  • Desired effectYou may either want to make your hair slightly lighter or go for full contrast. In the first case, don’t go more than one or two shades lighter than the rest of your base color, in the second you should choose a color at least three shades lighter than your current one. You will also want to think about how bold you want our money piece. You can go for finer strands of hair for a more subtle look or chunkier pieces for a bold contrast.

  • Natural/Vibrant – Another aspect that you should consider is whether you want to go for a natural color for your money piece (like light blonde, golden, or caramel), or experiment with other more vivid colors (like copper, purple, pink, etc.). Both look good, so it’s all about your preferences and the desired outcome.

Which Hairstyle Do Money Pieces Go With?

Money pieces look glamorous with any hair color and style. Whether you have long or short hair, the effect will be similarly stunning, giving you rich looks.

Money Piece – At Home or In a Hair Salon?

Finally, should you get your money piece hairstyle at home or in a hair salon? 

Even though coloring your hair at home is easier than doing your highlights or a money piece, there are still options! Since you are highlighting a smaller area of your hair in the front, it is easier to control where the bleach lightener is placed. You can use Madison Reed's Light Works Balayage Highlights Kit which has everything you need to lighten and tone your money piece easily at home.


If you are not entirely sure where to place your money piece or how bold you want it, you may want to visit a Professional Colorist to help you. Where to go to have a pro give you the perfect money piece? Check out a Madison Reed Hair Color Bar – our proficient, experienced Colorists will take care of your hair with an effect that will make you say “wow”.

The Takeaway

What is a money piece? It’s strands of hair framing the face near your part line, colored differently from the rest of your hair. This hairstyle comes with a glamorous, rich look, beloved by many celebrities around the world. What’s more, you can apply it to any type of hair, no matter your current color or hairstyle. Remember to choose a color that compliments your current color whether you want to go bold or natural – either way, you’ll truly look absolutely stunning.

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