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Holiday Hair Color Obsession: Gingerbread Red With Carrara Crimson

by December 05, 2018

crimson hair color

Image by Madison Reed

Gingerbread red is trending this holiday season, from soft sweaters and sequined tops to shades of lipstick and gloss, all of it positively dripping with rich hues of red and gold. But it’s not just fashion where we’re seeing this seasonal trend, but in hair color itself. Ranging from burnished warm brunette to a vibrant spiced red, this ultra flattering hair color can be obtained with our Radiant Cream Color in Carrara Crimson 7RC. A coppery ginger red, the color is characterized by a deep red hue with touches of orange and brown. 

As you can see from these photos, Carrara Crimson boasts multi-dimensional tones of red and orange that can vary on each person. Check out our favorite gingerbread reds for holiday hair color inspiration, all obtained with Carrara Crimson…

Gingerbread Red Hair Colors

A perfect example of why we’re obsessed with the gingerbread red hair color trend: this decadent fall of rich, jewel-toned red hair.

crimson hair color

Showing the variety in the gingerbread red trend, we love the soft cinnamon tones that Carrara Crimson brings out in these face-framing waves...

crimson red hair

Need more proof that the gingerbread red trend is universally flattering and incredibly multi-dimensional? The burnished hue of these curls look a little bit retro and a lot a bit beautiful...

Gingerbread Red Hair

Another pop of vibrant spice, this gingerbread red positively screams look-at-me (and we can’t look away).

Gingerbread Red Trend

And last but certainly not least, somewhere in between copper and amber lies this stunning gingerbread red that positively turns heads...

Gingerbread Red Hair Color

From warm drinks to fuzzy fabrics to shiny, luscious hair color, it’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays with this gingerbread red holiday hair color trend, and just like a gingerbread cookie, we think it’s absolutely delicious.