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Color Chameleon: Gloss and Hair Tone

by August 09, 2016

Color Chameleon: Gloss and Hair Tone

Image by Madison Reed

Why hair gloss?

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with more red tones in your hair? What about gold tones? Are you ever confused as to what tones you look best in? Warm vs Cool? Madison Reed is here to help you identify and achieve your best hair color.

Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss offers a way to try new tones and get gorgeous glossy hair. Our gentle, semi-permanent hair glosses act like a lip gloss for hair by adding a hint of tone and shine to color-treated hair. The beauty of the hair gloss is that it instantly refreshes color and washes out slowly over 6-8 shampoos.

Take a look at our tone guide below to help you find your most flattering shade of gloss.

Warm Tones

If you have auburn, red, or light to dark brown hair ... try one of these warmer shades:

Barolo: This copper-red hair gloss will add lovely warm tones to any hair color but will be most noticeable on auburn, red, and light brown hair. For a hint of tonal change you will see a subtle difference on medium to dark brown hair.
TIP: If applied to blonde hair the results will be bold in a vibrant strawberry blonde shade.

Amaretto: This burnished golden-mahogany hair gloss will boost light-medium brunettes with rich warm tones.
TIP: When used on redheads and auburn tones your results will be a deep warm enhancement, great for toning down reds that may be too bright or copper.

Cannella: This Vibrant copper gold hair gloss revives all shades of auburn hair beautifully. If you’re looking to add warmth and copper-cinnamon tones to your dark blonde-light brown hair color this is the shade to use.
TIP: When used on medium-dark brown hair, results will be subtle but should add warmth and create dimension.

Miele: This rich honey gold shade will boost warmth into your locks. On medium brown to dark brown hair, expect to see a subtle natural golden tint. On medium blonde to light brown hair your results will be a super rich caramel tone.
TIP: Perfect for dark blondes or those with light brown hair considering going more golden or looking to go slightly richer in depth.

Prosecco: This golden beige hair gloss is perfect for blondes of all levels. If you typically prefer cool tone tones, Prosecco is a great way to try going warmer and more gold in tone. It’s also perfect for brightening hair for that perfect sun-kissed look.

Cool Tones

If you have gray, blonde, light brown to dark brown hair and prefer to see no brassy, red tones try one of our cooler shades.

Espresso: This cool tone is perfect for banishing brass in darker shades. Perfectly formulated for medium brown to black hair, the results will be similar in depth but cooler in tone. If your hair is light brown and you are considering going darker and cooler in tone, this would be a good shade to try and test the waters.

Crema: This hair gloss adds cool, pale tones to light blonde and natural gray hair. If your gray hair is showing signs of warmth, Crema is perfect to keep them looking naturally steely, and smoky. If your hair is light blonde to light brown expect to see cool tones that will either neutralize your existing warmth or enhance your current cool color tone.

Clear: The Glassa will not change your tone but it will help boost your current tone and add a lovely shine for a fresh from the salon look.

Want more on hair gloss? Be sure to check out our how and when to use hair gloss article.