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Hair Tutorial: Edgy Bouffant

by Michelle Lemire February 12, 2014

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Image by Madison Reed

Add a little romantic flare to your evening out with this Edgy Bouffant, created by Chelsea Smith, a pro stylist from our Color Crew.

bouffant hair tutorial steps1. Gather a messy mohawk section about 5 inches wide from the hairline to the crown of your head and twist into a knot.

2. Secure it to crown with a clip. With that section out of the way, divide the left hand section of your hair into two equal sections horizontally.

3. Start with the top section and start twisting it toward the back, in a bottom over top direction. When your reach the back of you head, twist into a roll and secure it with a clip or pin.

4. Repeat this procedure with the bottom side section until it reaches the back of your head. Twist it around previously secured section and pin. Repeat this technique with the right side adding twisted sections to the previously pinned section so that a messy bun is formed.

5. Take down the mohawk section and sweep it to one side. Starting with the back of the section, elevate the hair vertically (taking 3-inch sections at a time) and gently backcomb, for lift. You can use a working spray near the roots to maintain volume for a longer lasting style.

6.  Once you have the lift you want, take all but the last front section and roll the ends under the teased section and pin above bun.

7. Backcomb the remaining front section, smooth over previous section and pin in place, hiding pin between previous section and messy bun. Secure with pins and incorporate into previous bun. Gently pull out tendrils to add a romantic detail to your bouffant.

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Photos by: Cherise Olvera
Photo Editor: Keith “Skip” Skipton