The Half-Up Bouffant Hairstyle

by September 22, 2014

Bouffant Hair Tutorial - How to Have Bouffant Hair

Image by Madison Reed

Bouffant Hair

It’s easy to make this retro-chic style your own by dressing it up with fancy earrings and cat eyeliner, or down with a more natural skin palette.

Bouffant Hair

Enjoy our step-by-step tutorial for the Half-Up Bouffant, demonstrated by Emma–a friend of the Professional Colorists on our Color Crew.


How to make a bouffant hair style

  1. Start off with the hair that was shampooed yesterday. We find that up dos have more staying power when hair isn’t super clean. You can also create this texture yourself by using a hair product like mousse or gel. Emma’s perfect Madison Reed hair color is Messina Brown.
  2. Section off an 2″ by 2″ rectangle of hair right above your occipital bone and right below your crown.
  3. Start twisting this hair and wrapping it into a bun.
  4. Secure the bun with bobby pins. This will work as an anchor for all of your work, we will call it the “base bun.”
  5. Take 2″ by 1″ section above the base bun and gently backcomb to give hair more texture. We achieve a gentle back comb by taking a comb or rattail brush and gently teasing with an up-and-down motion.
  6. Smooth top of backcombed hair with your brush and pin this section in place over base bun.
  7. Take another 2″ by 1′ section on the top of your head above the previous section. Gently back tease, smooth and place over previous section, also pinning into base bun.
  8. Pin this section into place and bobby pin into the base bun.
  9. Choose a side to pin back first, positioning your brush horizontally gently back comb the hair that is not immediately visible from the front,  smooth and pin into base
  10. Once hair is pinned, a cool trick to make the bouffant look like it has more volume is to use the rattail brush handle (or a pencil or chopstick) to pull hair forward and even out the surface of the bouffant.
  11. Go to the other side of your head and repeat step 9.
  12. Add bobby pins to secure, and spray with a light holding spray.

And you’re done! Enjoy your bouffant hair! Style to make this a casual or more classy look by playing with accessories and makeup.

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