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Elegant Golden Shine for Elizabeth

by June 08, 2015

Before and After hair photo - brown to lighter blonde hair

Image by Madison Reed

We know you have your own unique hair needs and sense of style. That's why our Color Crew offers personalized consultations! Read on to find out what we did for Elizabeth.

Elizabeth wanted to brighten up her look for summer with Madison Reed. She has been growing out her hair and her highlights, which made her roots darker than she liked. We recommended a cool shade to help combat the warmth that would be exposed during the lifting process. Our Pisa Blonde is a level 9 shade with cool tones, which gave her great lift and a flattering hair color. Her results, a sparkling golden blonde, were just right for entering warmer months. To help add tone to her ends, we used Madison Reed’s Color Reviving Gloss in Prosecco. This added tone, softness, and healthy shine while refreshing the color on her ends. Now Elizabeth's ready for summer fun in the sun!

Get the Look:
Use Madison Reed’s permanent color to lift darker root area. Apply to mid-shafts first, let process for 25 minutes, and then go back to apply to roots. Then use semi-permanent gloss on ends to tone faded color and create a lovely overall look. Check out our full instructions to color like a pro with permanent and semi-permanent color for salon results at home!

Woman before hair color

Starting Level:
Level 7 roots
Level 9 highlights


Skin Tone:

Madison Reed Shades Used:
Permanent Radiant Color in Pisa Blonde (9NA)
Color Reviving Gloss in Prosecco

Woman after hair color

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