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Julia Shares Her Journey to Beautiful Color

by Kathy Cho July 27, 2015

Before and After Varese Blonde Hair

Image by Madison Reed

Madison Reed Review Series

Hair coloring is more than just a process, it can change the way we look and feel, inside and out. It's also a journey that can require a lot of experimenting—which is why our Color Crew offers personalized consultations, for a guided experience with expert support. 

Julia is no stranger to coloring her hair at home using boxed color. She came to Madison Reed looking for a better solution to covering her fast-growing roots. Here's her 10-week hair coloring journey with Madison Reed and how she was "freaked out in a GOOD way!"

Week One: Julia shares her results for the first time using Varese Blonde!

Facebook comment from Julia

Week Two: Excitement "It's been 2 weeks and it looks even BETTER now!!! And the color blends so naturally you can't even see regrowth!!"

Julia's hair

Week Seven: Officially "freaked out in a good way"

Julia's conversation on Facebook


With boxed color, Julia's roots were always showing by week seven:


Julia Before

For Julia, giving Madison Reed a try was a lifestyle choice.

Facebook conversation screenshot

Week Ten: Julia's roots are once again ready for color—and now that she knows how long her Madison Reed color lasts, she adjusts her subscription to automatically arrive right when she needs it (and saves money in the process with our auto-renewal discount!)

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