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Watch: Forever Fierce and Insanely Inspiring Video

by January 31, 2018

Meet the women of Forever Fierce

Image by Madison Reed

Meet the women of Forever Fierce, a collaborative community dedicated to celebrating the power of women at midlife and beyond. Strong, vulnerable, real, raw and resilient, we think these women are nothing short of badasses in how they are shifting the perception of what it means to age as a woman. We partnered with Forever Fierce to create a video showing how Carol Parker Walsh, Nancy Donahue, Catherine Grace O’Connell, and Angelique L’Amour bolster our belief that confident is the new beautiful, and empowerment looks gorgeous on everyone

For more empowering videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel. We hope you are as inspired by their stories as we are, and we’d love to hear your own stories of empowerment, resilience and women supporting women in the comments below. #ForeverFierce #WomenSupportingWomen #MadisonReedColor