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The Hair Color Don'ts You're Dye-ing to Know

by February 02, 2017

The Hair Color Donts Blog

Image by Madison Reed

Sure, our permanent Radiant Cream Color kit comes with goof-proof instructions from expert colorists—so know you’re in great hands—but we’ve dug up some additional tips and tricks to absolutely, positively make sure you get gorgeous color, no ifs, ands, or “oops” about it. Follow these simple DON’TS to ensure your hair color is a beautiful DO. 

Don’t Start with Clean Hair
You’ve heard the saying “Start with a clean slate,” right? Well, not necessarily when it comes to hair color. Leaving your hair dirty before coloring is actually a natural way to help protect your scalp from possible potential irritants. That being said, a lot of product build-up on hair (especially at the roots) before you color could impede the efficacy of the color. We recommend washing hair a few days before you plan on coloring, and avoid using products like dry shampoo, mousse, or anything with heavy oils until after you color.

Don’t Forget the Details
When you’re in the thick of it, missing an essential item (or forgetting where you put it) could be a bit of an inconvenience. Cue the ready-for-anything at-home color salon you’ll be assembling after you read this. Stock your bathroom with extra gloves, a barrier cream like petroleum jelly or the one included in our Color Kit, cotton swabs or our Cleansing Wipes (also included in your kit) to wipe away excess color from hard to reach spots, dark towels, and a timer (in case your cell phone is about to die). To go total pro, complete your stash with our Professional Color Tool Kit—includes color application brush, mixing bowl, and hair clips—and our Salon Smock to make sure clothes stay stain-free.


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Don’t Do a Rush Job
For best results, take your time and do each step thoughtfully and thoroughly. A rushed job could lead to missed grays and skipped areas, which means you’re either living with it or touching it up. (If this does happen, no worries. We’ve all been there, and our Root Touch Up has your back.) Treat the time you spend coloring your hair as you time. Turn on some tunes. Pour yourself a glass of something yummy. Call your mom, sister or BFF and have a chat...

Don’t Go Overboard
We know you love fresh, vibrant color, but did you know that coloring too often can have the opposite effect? It can damage and weaken strands, compromising the luster and lifespan of your hair color. When it is time to reach for the bottle, target just the roots. Repeatedly pulling color through your lengths can muddy existing color. If you’d like to add a little oomph in between sessions, a shine-enhancing gloss like our Color Reviving Gloss does the trick beautifully.

Don’t Complicate Matters 
Keep it simple. Keep it stunning. At-home hair color is ideal for touching up grays or shifting 2-3 shades darker. It lends multi-dimensional depth and can enhance your natural hair hue with gorgeous warm or cool tones like no other. But for techniques where painstaking placement is everything (think highlights), skip the at-home and hit the salon. And if you’re considering a color change but aren’t sure what your hair can handle, channel your dark side. Going deeper is a gentler process where pigment is deposited into the hair shaft, making it easier on dry and damaged strands.

Still have more questions?

No worries. We have an entire staff of professional colorists just waiting to take your calls on anything from color-matching to application techniques, or check out our FAQs and video tutorials. No matter what it takes, we are here to turn hair color Don’ts into your hair color DO.

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