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Finding Your Permanent Color

  • What is the “Color Advisor”?

    The Color Advisor is an online tool for helping you find the best Madison Reed color for your hair. By asking a short series of questions, we can help make recommendations for finding the best match for you.

  • How do I determine my current hair color?

    To determine your current hair color:

    1. Examine your hair in a place with soft, indirect sunlight.
    2. Identify your color family – Blonde, Brunette, Black or Red.
    3. Select the level that most closely resembles your color.

    If you are still having trouble identifying your current hair color, send your photo to the professional stylists on our Color Crew.

    How to take the best possible photos for our colorists to analyze:

    1. Stand facing forward, not at an angle.
    2. Stand in front of a plain background. A white wall works best.
    3. Your photo should be well lit, ideally outside in daylight or under soft, indirect light.
    4. We would love to have two photos: one of the top/roots of your hair and the other the side of your head showing your hair.

  • What is the “Color Translator”?

    If you already color your hair at home and are happy with the color, the Color Translator can help you find the Madison Reed shade that is best for you based on your current at-home hair color brand and shade.

Before You Color

  • How light or dark can I color my hair?

    If your hair is color treated, you can go up to two shades darker or one shade lighter with Madison Reed color. If your hair is not color treated now, you can go up to two shades lighter or darker than your natural color.

    If your hair is completely natural and you are going the maximum two shades lighter OR you are going red or copper, we suggest contacting the professional stylists on our Color Crew to discuss your options and find the right shade to achieve the results you’re looking for! Just call 1.855.742.5916 or chat now.

  • How often can I color my hair?

    We recommend you wait at least two weeks between color applications.

  • My hair is pretty damaged. Can I still use Madison Reed hair color?

    Yes, you can still color your hair even if it is damaged.

    If you are concerned, please contact the professional stylists on our Color Crew for recommendations. Just call 1.855.742.5916 or chat now.

  • My hair has been chemically treated (permed, relaxed, etc.), can I still use Madison Reed hair color?

    Yes, if your hair is chemically treated you can safely use Madison Reed hair color. If you are concerned, please contact the professional stylists on our Color Crew for recommendations. Just call 1.855.742.5916 or chat now.

  • Can I use Madison Reed hair color if I've used a keratin smoothing treatment?

    Yes, if you've used a keratin smoothing treatment you can safely use Madison Reed hair color. If you are concerned, please contact the professional stylists on our Color Crew for recommendations. Just call 1.855.742.5916 or chat now.

  • Can I use Madison Reed hair color if I have henna in my hair?

    Yes, you can use Madison Reed hair color over henna. Henna cannot be lightened or removed easily from hair, but you can cover it by coloring your hair a darker shade.

  • Should I wash my hair before coloring?

    No. For best results, wait at least 24 hours after washing your hair before coloring.

  • What if I have styling product in my hair at the time I want to color it?

    If you have styling product such as mousse or gel in your hair, comb it through before coloring to remove any excess product. If you use a wax-based product it needs to be removed before you color because it could prevent the color from absorbing into your hair. Shampoo the product out and wait for 24 hours before coloring.

  • Should I perform an allergy test (patch test)?

    Yes, you should always perform a patch test. It's important to test to see if you are allergic to any ingredients in any hair-coloring product. Your body can develop allergies at any point in your life, even if you've previously colored your hair without any reactions. Our instructions include direction for how to do a patch test for allergies & irritants.

    Plan at least 48 hours ahead. While Madison Reed color is free of ammonia, parabens, PPD, resorcinol, phthalates, and gluten—we always recommend you do a sensitivity “patch test” before coloring. Simply mix a small amount of color cream with an equal amount of activator. Apply the mixture with a cotton swab to a small patch of skin. The best place is behind your ear, but you can also use the inside of your elbow. Keep the patch test area covered and dry. Wait 48 hours. If there is no sign of change to the area, then you’re ready to color.

    Always consult your physician if you have questions or concerns. If you’ve had a sensitivity to hair color in the past, you may be more likely to have a reaction.

  • I have long hair, how many boxes of color do I need?

    Madison Reed hair color contains enough color for average shoulder length hair. If your hair is especially long or thick and you're not sure if you need extra boxes of color, contact our Color Crew to find out. Just call 1.855.742.5916 or chat now.

Applying Your Color

  • How do I apply Madison Reed hair color?

    We've made the color application process simple:

    • Read through the instructions that came with the box. A copy of the instructions is always available in the Account section of the Madison Reed website, under "Product Instructions".
    • Watch informative videos for pro tips and tricks to applying your color.

  • What happens if I leave in Madison Reed hair color for too long?

    If you leave the color on for too long, this may result in a hair color that is darker than anticipated. Make sure to read all instructions carefully before beginning the application process.

  • What happens if I rinse Madison Reed hair color out earlier than instructed?

    Make sure to follow all instructions carefully. If you rinse out the color before the instructed time, you may not achieve your desired hair color and grays may not be completely covered.

  • How do I treat color-resistant gray hair?

    Here are a few tips from our professional stylists on what to do if your gray hair is unusually resistant to hair coloring:

    • When you begin the color application process, first apply the color to the areas where your hair may be most difficult to color. This is usually at the front hairline and at the natural part in your hair.
    • Make sure you completely saturate your hair with color. You should use at least half of the contents of the bottle on your roots. If you have very thick or long hair, consider ordering a second tube of color to ensure you have enough for your mid-lengths and ends.
    • When you finish your application, go back to your resistant areas and put even more color on the color-resistant areas.
    • Use the color cap included in your kit to cover your hair and trap in the heat.
    • Give your hair a little more time to absorb the color. An extra 5 - 10 minutes should do the trick.
    • Use your gloved fingers to work the color into your roots.

After You Color

About Madison Reed Hair Products

  • How is Madison Reed hair color different than other at-home and salon brands?

    Madison Reed hair color is designed to provide you with sophisticated salon color. Our shades are pre-mixed to give gray coverage with beautiful, complex tonal color and superior condition and shine. Our hair color is also the first Smart 6-free hair color—free of ammonia, resorcinol, parabens, phthalates, gluten & PPD. We are committed to offering salon-quality natural-looking hair color with a lower chemical profile than traditional hair color.

  • Where is Madison Reed hair color made?

    Madison Reed hair colors are handcrafted in Italy using innovative micro-pigment technology and formulation advancements that increase the quality of the color while minimizing harsh chemicals.

  • Are Madison Reed hair color products tested on animals?

    We do not test on animals, nor do we commission animal testing. At Madison Reed, we are proud to offer products that are socially responsible and ingredients sourced according to European guidelines. The European Union has stringent regulatory standards and expressly bans cosmetic testing on animals.

  • Are Madison Reed products gluten-free?

    Yes, all of our products—colors, shampoos and conditioners—are completely gluten-free.

  • What is the 100% satisfaction "Love Guarantee"?

    Madison Reed is committed to your 100% satisfaction with our product. If you have a comment or complaint about your experience, please contact the Color Crew via email: colorcrew@madison-reed.com or phone: 1.855.742.5916 within 30 days of your purchase date so that we can make it right or provide you with a full refund.

Auto Delivery & Payments

  • What are the benefits of having a Madison Reed auto delivery subscription?

    The Madison Reed auto delivery (subscription) plan provides a convenient, hassle-free way to have your hair color delivered directly to you at your home or office on your schedule. With our flexible plan, you can change the color, the frequency, the shipping date, or cancel at any time.

  • How do I make changes or cancel my auto delivery?

    You can change the color, frequency, delivery date, address, or add items to an upcoming subscription delivery easily in the Account area of the Madison Reed website. Look for the link to "Manage Subscriptions". Or, if you prefer, you can also contact us.

  • How does the Continuous Color Plan (auto-delivery) option work?

    The Continuous Color Plan ensures that you'll always have color when you need it. You select the color and how often you'd like it delivered. For each shipment, your payment method will be charged when the order is processed. The amount charged will be the price for the item(s) in the order plus shipping and taxes. You can change the color, frequency, delivery date, address, and payment method for your auto-delivery at any time without incurring fees or penalties. You can cancel at any time. Changes made through our website will be applied to the next upcoming shipment. We cannot apply changes made through our website to an order that has already been processed.

Orders & Shipping

  • How are orders processed and shipped?

    Orders are processed within 24 hours of placement. Orders placed before 1:00pm EST Monday through Friday will be processed the same day. All shipments are sent via FedEx SmartPost. Madison Reed will provide a tracking order number as soon as your order is processed.

  • Can I make a change once I've placed an order?

    If you have any issues with your order, please contact our Color Crew at 1.855.742.5916

  • How long will it take for me to receive my order?

    Estimated delivery time for standard shipping is 4-6 business days. Orders are processed within 24 hours of placement and standard shipping takes an estimated 3-10 business days. You will receive tracking details in an email as soon as your order is processed.

  • Do you offer expedited or overnight shipping?

    We offer expedited shipping options at checkout. Orders placed before 12pm ET Mon-Fri will ship same day. Orders placed after 12pm ET Mon-Fri, or on weekends, will ship the next business day.

Gift Cards & Credits

  • Does Madison Reed sell gift cards or gift certificates?

    Madison Reed sells E-Gift Cards of $25, $50, and $100 that can be redeemed for merchandise on Madison-Reed.com only. E-Gift Cards never expire and carry no fees. There are no returns and no refunds on E-Gift Cards.

    How to buy an E-Gift Card:

    1. Go to the E-Gift Card page.
    2. Enter the recipient’s name & email address.
    3. Enter the giver’s name & email address. This will be used as the “reply-to” email address for the E-Gift Card.
    4. Add a personal note to the recipient, which will appear on the E-Gift Card email.
    5. Select the amount of the gift.
    6. Choose when the E-Gift Card email should be sent, either immediately or at a specific date up to three months in future.
    7. Click “Purchase E-Gift Card” to add to the cart.
    8. Checkout.

  • How do I use (redeem) an E-Gift Card?

    You can use an E-Gift Card for a new order or add the amount to your Account for future orders. E-Gift Cards never expire and carry no fees.

    For a new order, enter the code in the Cart where it says “Apply promo code or gift card” (near the Checkout button). If there is a balance remaining, it will be added to the Account as a credit for future use, with no expiration date.

    For future orders or to use for upcoming auto-delivery shipments, enter the code in the Account area (at the top left). The amount will be added to the Account as a credit for future use, with no expiration date.