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Go Blonde, Blonder, Blondest with The Bombshells

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Image by Madison Reed

Spring is right around the corner–we can feel it–time to lighten up and meet the Bombshells, three super-natural-looking blonde shades that give your current color a lightening lift with either cool, neutral, or golden undertones. Consider these hues your go-tos to touch up darker roots or take your shade up to three levels lighter. (One caveat: These beauties will only work if your natural hair color is either light brown or blonde.)

One of the many reasons the Bombshell shades are such standouts is that they lighten hair without bleach or ammonia—unlike most at-home color kits. As with all Madison Reed Radiant Cream Color shades, harsh chemicals have been removed and nurturing ingredients have been added, so your hair actually looks shinier and healthier after you color it.

Each Bombshell shade is multidimensional, with different tones that have been blended expertly to prevent the reds and yellows that cause unwanted brassiness. The result? Color that looks rich, not flat, and natural, not overly “done.” Explore three gorgeous high lift blonde shades: 

Prato Ash: Use if you want to lift violet ash tones from your current color.

Ferrara Golden: Use if you want to be a golden blonde.

Ancona Natural: Use if you want neutral, sandy blonde tones.

Each of these shades will lift your hair up to three levels lighter—without running the risk of anything turning orange. So go ahead and brighten up with a natural-looking lighter shade. We think you’ll love these beauties as much as we do.

See the Bombshells in action.

Please contact our Color Crew to learn if the Bombshells are right for you.

For more on going blonde, read how to make your hair lighter tutorial. Get more ideas from our blonde hair color ideas page and hair color chart.

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