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Wedding Hair, Taking it Up a Notch - Part 2 of 4

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Image by Madison Reed

th-1The big day is approaching… You’ve chosen the date, bought the dress, and even got the seating arrangements finished. Now what about your hair?  It’s your day to get all the head turning looks with a style that’s all your own. Here are a few wedding hairstyles that with the right hair stylist, or a little practice, may be just the right fit for you.

The Romantic Twist

Screen Shot 2014-05-14 at 6.53.49 PMThis style works best on medium length hair, with either straight or wavy texture. The delicate curls pin and twisted back really showcase your hair color.

The Faux Pompadour

1375005_fc7749005a523ef99bf7449b1847e56c-600x900_jpgd3ef7c1ca6235f4a459f974d76aef210To make this up do look really flawless, this style needs moderate to courser textured hair.  Even shorter haired gals can pull off this diverse, stylish look.

High Chignon with a Twist

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 5.00.42 PMTaking the chignon up higher on the crown really makes this hairstyle special. Add a romantic touch with loose flowing tendrils in the front.

Modern Pin Curl Soft Wave

30-vintage-hairstyles-ideas-1-500x673These waves are soft, touchable, and lovely. This style will work beautifully on any length of hair, but works best on wavy or courser hair that can keep a curl.

Classic Up Do

thKeeping your hair off your face and pumping up the volume really makes this up do appealing. This style works best on any texture of hair with a moderate length.

Twisted Bun

Hair-Updo-EasyA beautiful bun with a twist. This style works best on wavy, textured, or thicker hair.

The High Volume Half Up

2012-wedding-hairstyles-004This style really gives you a lot of volume and height–and it works on all hair types and lengths.

Romantic Flowing Curls

26733a0099e5df0f43ade7f3f2f11f93This is a beautiful option for women with long hair. These cascading curls are great for long hair and work on most hair types that can keep a curl.


Which hairstyle is your favorite? Vote in the comments below and we’ll create a tutorial featuring the winning style!

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