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Wedding Hair Made Easy - Part 1 of 4

by May 13, 2014

Wedding Hair Made Easy - Part 1 of 4

Image by Madison Reed

 Short Wedding Hairstyles

Make one of the happiest days of your life even more enjoyable by selecting a hairstyle that makes you feel both comfortable AND beautiful.When choosing your hairstyle, you’ll of course take into account your dress and your wedding theme — but remember that simple hairstyles not only look classic and timeless, they are easy to maintain throughout your special day!

Here are a few ideas for exploring the various types of wedding hairstyles that are easy to achieve, and may be just the right fit for you.


Braided Headband

 bride with braided hair headbandThis style works for longer hair and is best when hair is straight or wavy. Leave bangs out or pull out some loose tendrils around the face.


Simple Flower Arrangement

bride with flower hairThis style works for any hair type, work in a beautifully contrasting flower to make your hair color pop!


Tiny Twists

african american bride natural tiny twists This style works best with coarser, curlier hair. Add some adornment for a touch of lovely.


Twisted Halo

bride with twisted halo hair styleLooks fantastic on all hair types, with medium to long hair. Tuck twist ends into each other for a flawless look.


 Barrel Roll Bob

barrel roll bob hair styleA beautiful choice for short to medium length hair. Add a lacy veil for a more delicate look.


Bohemian Side Braid

bride with bohemian side braid Best for long wavy hair, make the braid looser and slightly casual to add some drama.


Simple Top Bun

bride with a simple top bunWorks best for long hair. Add some height and volume to your look by tying your hair into a clever knot and piling on top of your head.


Backcombed Flip

bride with headband and backcombed flipped hairGreat for straight hair. Getting some lift in the crown and adding a beautiful headband will make you feel simply royal.


Which hairstyle is your favorite? Vote in the comments below and we’ll create a tutorial featuring the winning style!