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Your Perfect Hair Color: Veneto Light Brown

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Image by Madison Reed

Looking for your perfect hair color? We’re here to help! Twice a month we feature one of Madison Reed’s radiant, multi-tonal shades, along with complementary colors, style suggestions, and examples of celebrities who make this color look fabulous! 

This week’s color: Veneto Light Brown

Veneto Light BrownA natural, smokey light brown with a touch of of blonde; perfect for cool skin tones.


Complimentary Colors:

Veneto Complimentary ColorsSome of the best colors for a cool complexion include:  winter white, blue based reds, soft grays, and black always makes the hair color pop.


Style Suggestions:

Veneto StyleSilver Metallics and pastels really pop on cool tones. Left to right: Botanici T-Straps, Sky Eyes White Stripe Sunglasses, Foss Fitted Bodice Cutout Back Dress, Nina ‘Peony’ Glass & Pearl Crystal Cluster Bracelet.


Celebrity Matches:

Veneto Celebrities

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By: Natasha Siebert

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