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Your Perfect Hair Color: Velvety Verona Brown

by Tana Allen July 02, 2014

Your Perfect Hair Color: Velvety Verona Brown

Image by Madison Reed

Looking for your perfect hair color? We’re here to help! Twice a month we feature one of Madison Reed’s radiant, multi-tonal shades, along with complementary colors, style suggestions, and examples of celebrities who make this color look fabulous!

This week’s color: Verona Brown

Verona Brown hairThis shade is chocolately brown with warm auburn undertones.


Complementary Colors:

Verona Brown Complimentary ColorsSome of the best colors to wear with brown hair include warm tones like bronze, orange, turquoise, and ecru.


Style Selections:

Verona Brown StylesKeep your accessories warm and rich with a bounty of gold and bronzes: (From left to right) Anthropologie Tangelo Dress, Kate Spade New York ‘Riviera Garden’ stone chandelier earrings, Moonraker Bronze Faux-Leather Jacket, and Aqua raffia hat with bow.


Celebrity Matches:

Verona Brown CelebritiesCelebrities who wear this hair shade well include: (left to right) Katie Holmes, Mila Kunis, Penelope Cruz, Cheryl Cole, and Lea Michelle


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