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Hair Tutorial: The Double Pony

by May 26, 2014

Hair Tutorial: The Double Pony

Image by Madison Reed

Use this gorgeous, volumized Double Pony to extend and make your hair look super long!

Here’s our simple step-by-step tutorial for this awesome style– Shown by Jessica and instructed by the professionals on our Color Crew. (Check out the written tips at the bottom of this post!)

Double Ponytail Hair Tutorial

How to make a Double Ponytail

  1. Start by gently back combing 2 inch sections on top of head to get more volume.
  2. Gather all hair from the front of the ears into a half high ponytail. (Note the section is in a inverted V shape, this will help to hide the 2nd pony)
  3. Gather the hair from the bottom of the head and put into a ponytail directly under the top ponytail.
  4. Fluff and tighten both ponies and enjoy your long tail!


Photos by: Natasha Siebert