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How to Remove Flat Iron Crease Marks

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Image by Madison Reed

The Emergency: Your hair is straight, but you now have all these neat flat iron creases throughout it.

How You May Have Gotten Here: Thinking that pressing the flat iron harder would give you straighter and faster results.

How to Remove Flat Iron Crease Marks

  1. Mist the little section with water or a leave in conditioner and dry. Then go over the section again gently with the flat iron.
  2. Apply a little  tension (very minimal) and go over the area once more with even pressure to make straighter with the flat iron.
  3. If you notice the crease while you are out and about, work in a little water with your finger tips to the creased area. Use the bathroom hand dryer to dry. It’s not a perfect solution, but will help to smooth the crease.

Tips for Prevention: Cover your hair with a light coating of a thermal protection serum. This product helps prevent the damage and breakage that cause creases and crimps.

Then use this professional flat ironing technique:

  • If your ends are slightly snarled or kinked, comb them out before ironing to prevent creases.
  • Divide your hair into 1 to 2 inch sections and go at a steady pace.
  • Close the iron gently around the base of each section near the scalp.
  • Gently run the iron down the length of your hair until it reaches the end.
  • Follow each length with a comb.


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