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Madison Reed Joins Time to Vote

You shouldn't have to choose between working and voting, which is why we are giving everyone the day off this November 3rd.

Let's Face It, Quarantine Beards Are Sticking Around

Men’s pandemic beards are here to stay (at least through Movember).

Can You Get Your Hair Colored During the Covid Pandemic? (Yes, at the Color Bar)

How we are keeping you safe and healthy while giving you gorgeous hair color at the Madison Reed Color Bar.

How To Avoid Your Color Turning Out Too Dark

We're addressing one of the most common issues...hair color that turns out darker than you wanted.

Never Fear, Hair Help Is Here! Introducing Color Therapy

Refresh tone in 5 minutes while conditioning your hair with our new color depositing hair mask.

To Pull Through Or Not To Pull Through: That Is the Question

Answering the most common question we get: do I pull the color through to my mid-lengths and ends?