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Help! This Isn't the Hair Color I Wanted

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Image by Madison Reed

It’s happened to the best of us: you color your hair, shampoo and get out of the shower only to discover the color didn’t turn out quite as you had hoped. Maybe you dyed your hair too dark, or the color came out too ashy, too red, too bright, too brassy, too [insert oops here]. Or maybe your hair has turned green—thanks to chlorine, green happens. Then there’s always the dreaded “hot roots...”

Hair Color Corrections
We searched the internet for the most popular questions about hair color corrections, and here’s the good news: while there are many ways that hair color can go wrong, there are even more ways for hair color to be corrected. From clarifying shampoos to a hair color remover like Prime for Perfection®, to glosses that counteract unwanted tones and shampoos that neutralize unwanted brassiness, our Master Colorist, Chelsea Smith and VP of Technical Design + Education, David Stanko, are here with expert advice on hair color corrections to fix any hair color flubs you might have.

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