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A Brilliant Fall: Trends We Love for Every Hair Color

by Cheryl Locke {{"2013-10-30T10:02:26-07:00" | blogDate:'MMMM d, y'}}

Image by Madison Reed

Fall is all about changes. Pumpkins take over our lattes; we trade in tees for tweed coats; the light gets softer. You might notice that sunny shade you had in July looks flat and faded under autumn’s pale skies. With these customized tips, your hair is about to be gorgeously in step with your new fall boots.

Blonde Hair:

Blondes, think toasty and not too yellow. Go for depth with colors like pale honey, caramel and light toffee. With rose-gold having a big moment, blondes can get in on the action with light strawberry. Texture is also key.

Brown Hair:

Brunettes, autumn is your time to shine. Copper and wine shades are fashion-forward. The rule of thumb is to go deep rather than bright. Less adventurous types, you’ve got great options too. Dark toffee, milk chocolate and espressos will bring hair to life; bonus, these colors look their most amazing when uniform, and can be done easily with single process treatments.

Red Hair:

Redheads are the embodiment of Fall. All shades in this family are great for the season. What looks especially fresh is an amber that’s more mahogany rather than copper. It’s a subtle shift that delivers high-wattage impact. As with the brunettes, deeper colors are great through the colder months. Reserve some brighter shades for Spring and Summer.

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