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You CAN Color Your Hair At Home! We Can Help!

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A Reason For Being

One of the most amazing and exhilarating experiences in life is to start a company, especially when the founders and team members are passionate about what and why they are doing it. What I have learned after now doing this for the 4th time (yes, I am crazy!) is that unless you have a vision that includes a “reason for being” and a mission that really focuses on changing the world, the odds of success are low.

I am so proud and humbled to be part of that type of company at Madison Reed – a company that wants to deliver superior hair care products that are healthier for you, give you the empowerment to use them yourself at home, saving you time and money, and wants to give back to make the world a better place. I realized that the only things in life that matter are how we spend our time, who we spend it with, and our health. I know this just sounds like hype and many companies try to say this, but I think it is critical to share who we are and our “reason for being”.

Why Hair Color Now?

This whole fun journey started a year ago when I had a “synchronistic” moment. I do believe in the power of synchronicity – If you’re paying attention, things in life present themselves. For two months it felt like everywhere I went and every woman I talked to told me about how they felt like “a hostage to their hair” regarding their hair coloring. What do I mean by that? People felt the cost of going to a salon with the regularity they needed was creating problems for them. Those folks who were hair coloring at home felt like the existing products were hard to use, gave them no guidance and the quality was inferior. In addition, regardless of salon goers or at-home users, all of them were starting to feel really concerned that both the salon and the off the shelf products had more harsh chemicals than they would like.

Obsessing About Great Hair Color

I took in all of this information and started to do research about the chemistry of hair coloring; the way that technology could make the at home hair coloring experience better in terms of product quality, guidance and convenience at a great price. I went to bed every night thinking about this and woke up every morning obsessing about it. I kept talking to my friends and family about it. One morning, my then 9 year old, asked me, “Mommy, why are you not doing this if you think you can make it better for all of those people who need this? You can do it, Mommy, I know you can.” My daughter’s name is Madison Reed and at that moment we were born.

Over the next month, I told everyone I knew about the idea, secretly waiting for them to tell me I was wasting my time. To my delight, every woman and many men told me that this was a revolutionary idea – reinvent home hair color that is superior quality and safer for you, easy to apply expertly, and delivered wherever and whenever you want it. I recruited an amazing team that left really fantastic positions, who were also obsessed by creating a great hair color experience, to join us. We are launching by years end.

So, What Is Our “Reason To Be”:

- Delighting our customers in every way through service.

- Delivering amazing products that are better for you and the environment.

- Never putting making money ahead of what is right for our customer.

- Putting people to work where they can grow and flourish.

- Giving back to our communities.

- Using technology to deliver superior service, convenience and advice.

- Creating a company we can all be proud of and have fun while doing it. 


I leave you with what we want our customers to experience and feel about Madison Reed…


Here’s to many brilliant days together,

CEO, Madison Reed


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